Selecting the SIDNE® Package That’s Right for You


Hi, my name is Tim Jorgensen in product development with Innocorp, Ltd. Today I want to give some guidance on our available SIDNE® packages and the right option for you to help meet your outreach goals. SIDNE is our Simulated Impaired Driving Experience®, a custom-built electric powered kart that gives drivers and passengers a behind-the-wheel experience of impaired driving. We have two package options for SIDNE – the Basic and the Ultimate. So, what’s the difference?    

The SIDNE Basic Package has the essentials you need to deliver an alcohol-impaired driving demonstration. Along with the SIDNE vehicle, you will receive the necessary course accessories, safety gear, and maintenance tools. We also include training with each SIDNE purchase to prepare you and your team to use SIDNE in your demonstrations safely.    

The SIDNE Ultimate Package extends your SIDNE program’s versatility to address topics such as marijuana-impaired driving, drowsy driving, and distracted driving. This package includes a more extensive set of course materials, signage, and accessories to expand your participants’ impaired-driving experience. The included marijuana-impaired driving course materials will address the cognitive impairment caused by Divided Attention Failure and how that affects driving skills, decisions, and reaction times. The Ultimate Package also has the accessories to demonstrate the dangers of drowsy and distracted driving.  

SIDNE is an engaging program that creates a lasting impression on your participants. Whether you are interested in demonstrating alcohol-impaired driving, marijuana-impaired driving, drowsiness, or distraction on a motorist’s abilities, Innocorp has the package to meet your needs. To discuss our SIDNE packages further, please contact us at 800-272-5023 or visit us at




Timothy Jorgensen
Product Development and Customer Support