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SIDNE® Version 7.1 Basic Package


Simulated Impaired DriviNg Experience® (SIDNE®) is a versatile teaching tool that helps you deliver an alcohol-impaired driving experience guaranteed to help you engage teen drivers and participants of your traffic safety program.

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SIDNE® Version 7.1Basic Package

This entry-level package has the necessary SIDNE® accessories, resources, and instruction needed to deliver an alcohol-impaired driving experience with the flexibility to add courses and accessories to address marijuana/THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) impairment, drowsiness, and distraction.


Driving Simulations
Demonstrate the effects of alcohol, marijuana/THC, drowsiness, and distraction on a person’s ability to drive a vehicle safely.



SIDNE is a custom-built electric kart that allows drivers and passengers to experience what can happen when they operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or marijuana, as well as the ramifications of driving while drowsy or distracted.  

This SIDNE Basic package 1 SIDNE impaired driving simulator vehicle, maintenance equipment, and a 1-day training session. For an additional cost, a marijuana/THC-impaired driving package and a drowsy and distracted driving package can be added to this kit.

When driving SIDNE, electronics in the vehicle cause the driver to experience a loss of control caused by impaired judgment, erratic acceleration, and delayed braking response, resulting in missed turns and lane shift into “oncoming traffic.” These effects mimic impairments that are common with motorists under the influence of alcohol.

Key Features and Benefits


  • Use SIDNE to address the dangers of distracted, drowsy, and impaired driving
  • SIDNE can run in both outdoor and indoor settings
  • Pedals and steering wheel are easily adjustable to accommodate all participants


  • Set the Speed and Drive Modes with the flip of a switch
  • Change the Speed Mode to low or high to limit SIDNE’s speed to 4 or 8 mph
  • Two Drive Modes, Normal or Impaired, affect the vehicle’s response 


  • SIDNE has a low center of gravity for added stability
  • The instructor controls the cart with an infrared transmitter that functions from up to 75 feet 
  • SIDNE includes 3-point retractable seat belts for both driver and passenger
  • The remote braking feature allows the instructor to stop a moving SIDNE vehicle immediately


  • SIDNE has more than a decade of proven ability in the field, demonstrating the dangers of distracted and impaired driving
  • Each SIDNE comes standard with our onsite training session to help ensure its safe and appropriate use
  • SIDNE packages include a comprehensive user guide and course materials


Package Options

SIDNE Table – Package Options



  • Weight: 330 pounds (including batteries)
  • Age Range: 15 to adult
  • Weight Limit: 350 pounds
  • Maximum Occupants: One driver & one passenger
  • Reverse: Yes
  • Frame Color: Powder Coat Black
  • Graphics & Trim: SIDNE® themed license plate, roll-bar banner, and side rail covers
  • Dimensions: Width-48”, Length-76”, Height-30”
  • Top Speed: High-Speed Mode = 8 mph and Low-Speed Mode = 4 mph
  • Power: Requires two 12-volt batteries for operation
  • Warranty: 6-months or 150 hours of operation


Onsite Training Session (included with each SIDNE® package option)

Innocorp’s certified trainers work with your staff, teaching them how to incorporate SIDNE® into your traffic safety program effectively.

Training Objectives

  • Learn and apply safe demonstration techniques using SIDNE® to engage your audience.
  • Identify how to integrate SIDNE® into your existing program for maximum impact.
  • Improve your instructor’s program delivery through role-play and activity demonstrations.
  • Build your team’s confidence and capacity while learning through dialogue and experience.

Training Fee Includes

  • An onsite training session at your location, accommodating up 4-6 attendees
  • One Innocorp Trainer
  • All travel expenses to the continental USA. (AK, HI, and international must call for price quote.)

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