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    Fatal Vision Alcohol Kits

    The Fatal Vision alcohol kits provide a variety of activities that let your audiences experience being under the influence of alcohol while sober.


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    If you’re looking for the ultimate drunk driving simulator, SIDNE (Simulated Impaired Driving Experience) is just the ticket.


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    Fatal Vision Marijuana Simulation Experience

    Need an effective way to help educate others about the risks of marijuana-impaired driving?


  • The SIDNE® program has certainly heightened the awareness of our students to the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. John Hale
    Principal of Somerset Christian School
  • The kids are having fun during Innocorp presentations, but they’re also learning something. They’re more likely to remember something they enjoyed doing. Bob Lighthall
    Oswego County STOP-DWI
  • The intoxiclock® is one of the biggest eye openers I’ve seen. People don’t understand the amount of time it takes alcohol to leave their system. Amanda Wellendorf
    Guilford County DWI Task Force

The Innocorp Story

One day in 1993, Michael Aguilar’s perspective and appreciation for life changed forever. He came home from a business meeting to find that a drunk driver, just minutes earlier, had veered off the road in his neighborhood into the yard where his 5-year-old son David and his son’s friend Tyler were playing. The car narrowly missed David but hit Tyler. Tyler was seriously injured and would spend the next week in the hospital recovering from his injuries. The driver was a neighbor who tragically made the choice to drive impaired that day. Aguilar never forgot the anger and dismay he felt that his neighbor could make such a poor decision that nearly cost the life of his son and his son’s friend. Aguilar would soon discover that impaired driving related injuries and fatalities were an all too common tragedy in the United States and abroad.

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