3 Reasons to Invest in Drug Education Products

Don’t miss out on these benefits of the hands-on Fatal Vision® products.

Our drug education products help increase engagement, participation, and learning retention in your education programs.There’s no denying that drug education is a critical topic for schools, law enforcement agencies, and other educators. But how can you ensure your students and community members retain the information they learn about the risks of drug use?


Investing in quality drug education products means looking outside of the textbook for meaningful, engaging ways to get students involved. At Innocorp, we understand the importance of providing both informational and experiential tools for teaching teenagers sound decision-making skills when it comes to drugs such as cannabis/THC and opioids — which is why all of our Fatal Vision® products are designed with engagement and learning retention in mind. 


In this blog post, we’ll discuss why educators should consider investing in drug education products for their programs, including:

  1. Increasing engagement
  2. Improving learning retention
  3. Boosting program participation


Read on to learn more about each of these reasons to invest in our drug education products!


Increasing engagement 

Students are often pulled in multiple directions, making it hard to capture their focus. Hands-on drug education products can help refresh the learning experience by giving students a way to see the impact drugs can have firsthand in a safe, controlled environment. By offering more ways to learn than simply reading a textbook or listening to a lesson, you’re also increasing the likelihood that students will ask questions, participate in activities, and be more engaged learners in general. This leads us to…


Improving learning retention

When students enjoy learning and are able to reinforce the lessons taught in an engaging, hands-on way, they’re more likely to retain that information for years to come. With drug education products like the Fatal Vision® Marijuana/THC Goggles  or Opioid Goggles, you’ll get an innovative tool that not only helps enrich the lessons you teach, but gives students an experience that will stick with them long after class lets out.


Boosting program participation

If you’re an educator, you’re probably familiar with the scenario of asking a question of your class, only to be met with silence and stares at the floor. You can help eliminate those silences and get students truly participating in their learning with the help of Innocorp’s drug education products! When you introduce a fun, immersive learning experience, students are more likely to take an active role in their learning and participate in class. 


This is especially true if you’re a community educator running a program that isn’t mandatory or where students aren’t afraid of impacting their grades. Student participation can be hard to encourage in these settings, but with engaging, hands-on tools, you’re more likely to get students involved.


If you’re a school- or community-based educator struggling to increase engagement, learning retention, or participation in your program, let Innocorp and our Fatal Vision® drug education products help! You can browse our full lineup of products in our catalog or reach out to our team today if you have any questions or specific challenges.