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Fatal Vision® THC Campaign Kit

Use the seven (7) activities included in this kit to deliver THC impairment demonstrations to larger groups focusing on the dangers of driving under the influence of THC

Goggles are only effective with the activities in the kit. Therefore, they are not sold separately.



Product Training

Innocorp’s certified trainers work with your instructors, outreach staff, and prevention specialists teaching them how to use Innocorp products and incorporate them into your awareness and prevention programs.


Fatal Vision® THC – Campaign Kit

Use the seven (7) activities included in this kit to deliver THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) impairment demonstrations to larger groups focusing on the dangers of driving under the influence of THC. 


Modeled Impairments
Loss of short-term memory, executive function, altered visual perception, and slight loss of motor coordination

THC affects the brain differently than alcohol, and the Fatal Vision THC Goggles Campaign Kit reflects that difference. The Fatal Vision THC goggles are designed to impair a participant‘s visual perception and reaction time. This lack of perception diminishes the necessary visual information a participant needs to complete specially designed activities, thereby modeling the impaired perception caused by THC use.   

How It works
Fatal Vision Marijuana Goggle

The Fatal Vision THC Goggles Campaign Kit features 7 activities, including the THC Goggles. The THC goggles impair a person‘s ability to perceive color (NOTE: someone under the influence of THC DOES NOT lose their ability to distinguish between colors) – which results in a loss of a participant’s ability to make quick and accurate decisions. We use this feature of the goggle to model some of THC’s impairing effects. For an impaired driver, that loss could lead to a crash.  

The campaign kit also comes with instructional materials and videos to help you use the marijuana goggles with custom–designed activities. The activities give participants an understanding of the potentially severe consequences that can result from THC use. PATENT NO.: US 10,366,630 B2 


  • A safe and effortless way to demonstrate impairment from THC 
  • Easily tailor each marijuana educational activity for use with participants of all ages, including middle schoolers to adults 
  • Instructional materials prepare instructors to deliver an engaging and relevant demonstration 
  • Activities are structured to address how distorted perception and response mimic impaired behaviors that may occur while under the influence of  THC 
  • Goggles developed by working with Drug Recognition Experts

Kit Details

This Campaign Kit includes:

  • Fatal Vision THC Goggles with cloth protective bag
  • 12 Activity balls
  • 3 Fabric boxes
  • 1 Executive function dry erase maze boards and markers kit
  • 1 4-In-A-Row Memory Challenge
  • 1 USB with Road Scenes
  • 1 “Marijuana: Does Legal Mean Safe?” DVD“
  • 1 Up in Smoke” 3 posters pack
  • 1 “Up in Smoke” floor banner
  • 1 DIES® (4’ x 14’) THC Impairment Activity Mat with strap
  • 1 DIES® (4’ x 14’) Distracted Driving Mat with carrying strap
  • 2 Backpacks
  • 1 Box (50/pack) of germicidal disposable wipes

Product Training

Upgrade with Customized Product Training

Innocorp’s seasoned trainers collaborate with your team to unlock the full potential of Innocorp products within your awareness and prevention initiatives.

Training Objectives

  • Master engaging demonstration techniques to captivate your audience with Innocorp products.
  • Seamlessly integrate Innocorp products into your existing program to make the most impact.
  • Elevate program delivery skills of your instructors through dynamic role-playing and activity demonstrations.
  • Instill team confidence and expertise through interactive dialogue and immersive learning experiences.


Training Fee Includes

  • A comprehensive 4-6 hour training session catering to up to 10 participants.
  • Personalized guidance from an Innocorp Trainer.
  • Complete coverage of all travel expenses within the continental USA for onsite sessions. (Please contact us for a price quote for AK, HI, and international sessions.)


Innocorp is pleased to offer live web-based training options as well. Contact our Training Team at 800-272-5023 or to discuss your needs further.