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Fatal Vision® Opioid – Program Kit


Experience the simulated effects of divided attention failure, nodding out, contrast sensitivity impairment, heaviness and lethargy.

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Item Number: FV-OP-PROG-1

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The Fatal Vision®️ Opioid Program Kit models how opioid abuse depresses the central nervous system, causing divided attention failure, nodding out, contrast sensitivity impairment and a feeling of heaviness in the extremities. These impairments can negatively impact an individual’s health, quality of life, and safety.

  • Divided Attention Failure: The goggles limit the scope of the input, so participants experience decreased awareness and the impairing effects of recognizing and responding to a limited, narrow field of view while performing a task.
  • Nodding Out: The goggles blackout halfway, then completely, then continue to blackout for more extended periods.
  • Contrast Sensitivity Impairment: A special film on the goggles reduces the wearer’s ability to distinguish an object from its background at the periphery.
  • Heaviness in the Extremities: Wrist weights cause a lack of coordination and sluggishness when performing the associated activities.

After years of development working with drug recognition experts in opioid abuse and addiction, Innocorp is introducing the Fatal Vision Opioid Goggles experience.

By experiencing the behavioral effects of opioid use, participants are more aware of people’s susceptibility and knowledgeable of the severe consequences associated with using opioids. PATENT PENDING

Download the Fatal Vision® Opioid Goggle app for free at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Program Kit

Fatal Vision® Opioid Goggle


GET IT 2GETHER™ – Home and School Activity with case


Hand/wrist weights




“Opioid’s Addiction, Overdose and Death” DVD


In-app educational materials that include instructional videos and user guides



Fatal Vision® Opioid Goggles

Add up to three goggles for $1,999.00 each



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