3 Effective Ways to Teach About the Dangers of Polydrug Use

Go beyond the typical lecture with these engaging and hands-on teaching methods.

The dangers of polydrug use include an increased risk of fatal car crashes compared to THC or alcohol use alone.Polydrug use, the act of using drugs or alcohol in combination, is not a new phenomenon. But it is a growing concern among many age groups and can bring with it harmful consequences, including heart palpitations, paranoia, panic attacks, and an increased risk of fatal car crashes compared to alcohol or THC use on its own.

Educating people, especially high school and college students, about the dangers of polydrug use is an essential way to raise awareness and reduce polydrug use-related incidents. 

Teaching about the dangers of polydrug use can be challenging, depending on your audience, but there are a few ways to make your lessons more effective. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of these methods, including:

  1. Incorporating Fatal Vision Polydrug Goggles and activities
  2. Seeking out experienced speakers, stories, and statss
  3. Encouraging participant engagement and feedback

Read on to learn more about how you can effectively teach about the dangers of polydrug use!


Incorporate Fatal Vision® Polydrug Goggles and activities

Fatal Vision® Polydrug [Alcohol & Marijuana/THC] Goggles are a powerful tool that can simulate the effects of both alcohol and THC on a person’s vision, coordination, and reaction time. Students can wear the goggles and perform simple tasks, such as catching a ball or walking in a straight line, to experience the impact impairment caused by these substances has on their skills.

Educators can also utilize the interactive activities that come with the goggles kit, like the DIES® Maze Mat and Tic Tac Two, to effectively demonstrate the amplified impairments resulting from combined alcohol and THC use.

By giving students a hands-on, engaging, and safe way to experience the simulated effects of polydrug impairment, you can provide lessons and memories that will stick with them long after they take the goggles off.


Seek out experienced speakers, stories, and stats

Bringing real-world speakers, such as drug abuse counselors, medical professionals, police officers, and recovering addicts, can provide powerful insights into the dangers of polydrug use. These speakers can share real stories and experiences, discuss the physical and emotional consequences of addiction, and offer practical ways to avoid polydrug abuse. Such events can also create an open forum for students to ask questions and interact with experts.

You can also take the opportunity to research real-world statistics about polydrug use and incorporate them into your lessons so students or participants can better understand the impact using alcohol and THC in combination can have on their lives.


Encourage student engagement and feedback

Students are more likely to engage with the topic if they feel involved in the discussion. You can encourage student feedback by asking questions, creating group activities, and actively listening to their thoughts and opinions on your lessons about the dangers of polydrug use. 

One incredibly effective way to gain students’ trust and get them involved in your lessons is to create a safe and welcoming environment where participants can share their experiences and concerns. You may also choose to send out an anonymous survey where students can share what they did and didn’t like about the program and what may make it more effective for future participants.

You can then use that feedback to tailor future lessons to the students’ needs, preferences, and interests.


Effectively teaching about the dangers of polydrug use can be challenging, but with a few tried-and-tested tips, you can connect with your students and help reduce the risk that they’ll experience those dangers firsthand. By keeping your lessons current and impactful, you can continue to raise awareness, provide support, and encourage action to protect your students and community as a whole from the harmful consequences of polydrug use.

To learn more about Fatal Vision’s polydrug goggles and activities, check out our Polydrug [Alcohol & THC] product page or get in touch with our team to talk about utilizing them in your school or community education program.