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NEW! Fatal Vision® Polydrug [Alcohol & THC] Goggles Event Kit


Discover the dangers of impairment with Fatal Vision® Polydrug [Alcohol & THC] Goggles. These goggles simulate the intensified impairments from using alcohol and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) together, showing compromised coordination, distorted thinking, and impaired driving. 

Goggles are only effective with the activities in the kit. Therefore, they are not sold separately.

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NEW! Fatal Vision® Polydrug [Alcohol & THC] Goggles – Event Kit

This introductory kit includes three (3) activities demonstrating the impairments experienced by a driver under the influence of alcohol and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).  



Fatal Vision® Polydrug [Alcohol & THC] Goggles replicate the amplified impairments that arise from consuming multiple drugs simultaneously. When alcohol and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are used together, impairments are enhanced over the impact of either drug used alone. Users will find that their coordination is compromised, cognitive processing is distorted, and driving skills are negatively affected to an amplified degree.


How It works
The Fatal Vision Polydrug [Alcohol & THC] Goggles and activities simulate impairments like distorted perception, poor motor coordination, slowed decision-making, and delayed reactions. Demonstrating cognitive distortion and balance challenges when impaired. Note: THC does not affect a person’s ability to perceive color. The green lens feature is solely used to illustrate impaired cognitive perception and the potential consequences. The goggles also impact targeting, decision-making speed, reaction time, and motor skills, highlighting amplified impairments and risks of polydrug [Alcohol & THC] use.



  • Safely address the growing concern of polydrug-impaired driving
  • Multiple activities demonstrate the amplified impairments and their negative impact on communities, homes, schools, and workplaces
  • Engaging instructional materials facilitate effective demonstrations
  • Understand and display the amplified impairments resulting from combined alcohol and THC use
  • Developed in collaboration with Drug Recognition Experts to ensure a realistic simulation of impairments



Program Kit

Event Kit

Fatal Vision® Polydrug [Alcohol & THC] Goggles



User guide



DIES® (4’ x 14’) Maze Mat Activity with steering wheel



Tic Tac Two Activity: Timer, 12 cones and 12 activity balls






Germicidal wipes (50/pack)



10 large pop-up cones with case and 12 activity balls


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Innocorp’s certified trainers work with your staff, teaching them how to use Innocorp products and incorporate them into your awareness and prevention programs.

Training Objectives

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  • Improve your instructor’s program delivery through role-play and activity demonstrations.
  • Build your team’s confidence and capacity while learning through dialogue and experience.

Training Fee Includes

  • A 4-6 hour training session, accommodating up to 10 attendees
  • One Innocorp Trainer
  • All travel expenses to the continental USA if selecting an onsite training session. (AK, HI, and international must call for price quote.)

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