5 Resources for New Alcohol Awareness Program Ideas

Keep your program fresh and engaging with ideas from these sources.   Teaching young people about serious topics like alcohol abuse is no small task. There’s a lot of competition for their attention, and engaging with them in a meaningful way can be challenging. That’s why it’s essential that, as an educator, you’re always looking […]

6 Alcohol Awareness Program Ideas for College Students

Share the importance of alcohol safety with these engaging program ideas. Heading off to college is one of the most exciting times in a young person’s life, but with all of their newfound independence, it’s also crucial to teach them about alcohol safety. Here are some alcohol awareness programs to consider adding to your orientation […]

6 Alcohol Awareness Activities for High School Students

Learn how to reach student audiences with these alcohol education activities.   One of the great challenges for educators is how to reach young drivers best and warn them about the dangers of drinking and driving. Hands-on, engaging activities and resources are often one of the most impactful and long-lasting ways to get your lessons […]

4 Alcohol Awareness Program Resources

Use these alcohol awareness program tips and tools to enrich the attendee experience. Alcohol awareness is an essential part of driving education. By helping participants understand the dangers that come with drinking and driving, educators can help prepare drivers to be safe in real-life situations and even save lives.  However, preparing a curriculum that will […]

“Plan My Ride” changes lives in health class in Oregon, WI

COVID-19 upended life for many over the past year. However, it created an opportunity for the Oregon School District in Wisconsin. The opportunity was to test-pilot Innocorp’s interactive online training and immersive skill-building experience, Plan My Ride, with students.  The Plan My Ride course adapts easily to students because it is a self-paced curriculum. It […]

Using intoxiclock Virtually and In-person

Using intoxiclock® Virtually and In-person Interview with Christine Dziembowski, MPH, CHES     Question and Answer: 1. What makes intoxiclock unique from other alcohol education tools you have used?      Click Here to view the response 2. What kind of student feedback have you received about your use of intoxiclock?      Click Here […]