Tools for Your Opioid & Other Drugs Abuse Prevention Program

Find engaging tools to use in your drug abuse prevention program.

Find top tools for opioid and drug abuse prevention programs here.Opioid abuse prevention and other drug abuse educational programs can benefit from engaging tools and experiences that get participants involved and interested in learning. Using our 20+ years of experience, we’ve developed a full lineup of drug abuse prevention tools that can be used in these programs to drive awareness, including:

  1. Opioid Goggles
  2. Marijuana Goggles
  3. Floor Banners and Activity Mats
  4. Educational DVDs
  5. Drugged Driving Simulators

Read more about each of these opioid abuse prevention and other drugs awareness tools below.

Opioid Goggles

 The Fatal Vision®️ Opioid Goggles simulate the various effects of opioid abuse on an individual’s health and mental and emotional capabilities.  Using a designated mobile app in conjunction with specially designed activities, participants can experience simulated effects of opioid use such as decreased situational awareness, blacking out, contrast sensitivity impairment, and heaviness and lethargy.

The Opioid Goggles Program Kit also comes with an educational DVD, home and school learning activities, in-app educational materials, and germicidal disposable wipes for goggles sanitation.

Marijuana Goggles

 The Fatal Vision® Marijuana Impairment Goggles simulate what it’s like to be under the influence of recreational marijuana. The goggles diminish participants’ capacity to make quick, accurate decisions, a similar outcome for those impaired through drug use.

Floor Banners and Activity Mats

 Activity mats and floor banners are additional tools to include in your drug abuse prevention program.

Educational DVDs

When done correctly, educational DVDs can be a powerful tool to reinforce key messages learned in more hands-on training sessions. Innocorp offers a wide range of educational videos related to drug abuse prevention, including:

Drugged Driving Simulators

Our drugged driving simulators provide an authentic driving experience for participants to learn about drugged driving, along with courses related to alcohol-impaired driving and distracted and drowsy driving. Our simulators provide a realistic glimpse into dangers behind the wheel, without putting anyone’s safety at risk.

We offer two different drugged driving simulators to choose from:

  1. Roadster Pedal Kart
  2. SIDNE (Simulated Impaired Driving Experience)

When used in conjunction with the Marijuana Impairment Goggles mentioned above, these simulators let participants experience the impaired effects of driving under the influence.

These top tools for opioid abuse and other drug abuse prevention programs can help reinforce critical messages through engaging and hands-on experiences. Browse our full line of alcohol and drug educational tools online or call 800.272.5023 for customized support today.

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