DIES® Distracted Driving Activity Mat

This mat is ideal to add an additional dose of reality to your distracted driving awareness activities and outreach program.

Item Number: DIES DD


Steering Wheel Accessory for DIES® Activity Mat

Use the Steering Wheel with your DIES® Distracted Driving Activity Mat to provide the additional challenge of multiple drivers during the activity.


This (4′ x 14′) durable, rubber-backed mat has graphics on one side depicting a rural town setting with streets, crosswalks, railroad crossings and other common town locations and roadway features. The challenge is to drive through town using the DIES® Steering Wheel with car to simulate a driving experience. Participants first travel around the simulated town, making stops at various locations while observing safe driving habits such as obeying traffic signs, looking both ways before crossing the train tracks, watching for pedestrians, and keeping their car on the road.
After participants complete their first trek through town, they are asked to drive the route again, this time with added distractions. Distractions such as texting while driving will typically cause the driver to make errors such as missing turns, driving off the road, driving through stop signs, or hitting pedestrians. The resulting experience demonstrates how distractions take away from a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.


  • 1 – (4′ x 14′) DIES® Distracted Drivng Activity Mat
  • 1 – Steering wheel with car
  • 1 – Timer
  • 1 – “Pedestrian Pete” obstacle
  • 16 – “Mini” stop signs
  • 1 – User guide

* some assembly required