Phone Condom Promotes “Safe Text” – (Press Release)

“Distracted driving, especially texting and driving, is a serious and growing problem that is responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries on our roadways every year,” said Michael Aguilar, president of Innocorp. “The Phone Condom is a simple, fun to use device that encourages people to park their phone while they drive their car.”

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Party with Intoxiclock®

A New Approach

What’s the best way to teach young adults about the dangers and impacts of alcohol?

“Throw a party,” says Jane Alleva, of South Carolina’s Keystone Substance Abuse Services.

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SIDNE® Educates a Remote Canadian Community

When Jan Trim, President of MADD Whitehorse, flew into a remote Canadian community to educate the citizens about impaired driving, she had to kiss her SIDNE® (Simulated Impaired DriviNg Experience) good-bye and hope for the best. The usually “babied” SIDNE had to go ahead of her team in a different plane, due to size limitations on the aircraft flying into Old Crow. Old Crow is an isolated community that can only be accessed by plane or boat. But, bringing SIDNE along was worth the temporary separation, according to Trim, who called it an ‘excellent educational tool.’

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