How Fatal Vision Can Help Educate About the Dangers of Polydrug Use

Connect with students and help stress the consequences of polydrug use with Fatal Vision products.

Our  Polydrug [Alcohol & Marijuana] Goggles are a great way to teach about the dangers of polydrug use.

Polydrug use, or simultaneous use of different drugs or alcohol, is a growing concern among teenagers and young adults and the educators who teach them. According to the journal Cannabis, more than 60% of young adults report having used alcohol and marijuana together at some point.


The dangers of polydrug use include symptoms such as dizziness and nausea; serious health concerns like heart palpitations, paranoia, and panic attacks; and an increased risk of a fatal car crash compared to alcohol or marijuana/cannabis/THC use alone.


Because of these risks, it’s crucial for educators to discuss the dangers of polydrug use with their students. Fortunately, they don’t have to go it alone — Fatal Vision offers a variety of hands-on educational tools that can help teachers, community educators, and other drug and alcohol prevention professionals teach their students about the dangers of polydrug use.


Here are just a few of the ways Fatal Vision can help you educate about the dangers of polydrug use.


Increasing student engagement 


One of the toughest battles any educator faces is making sure students are engaged with their lessons, and that the information sticks with them after class lets out. Fatal Vision’s products, like the Polydrug [Alcohol & Marijuana] Goggles, can help shake up your lesson plans with interactive, hands-on activities that make learning fun and more memorable for students.


Increasing learning retention


Research shows that offering multiple ways for students to learn about a topic can help boost learning retention. Not only that, but one research model suggests that hands-on learning can help students retain 75% of what they’ve learned.


If you’re looking for a hands-on way to teach about the dangers of polydrug use and increase your students’ learning retention, Fatal Vision’s goggles, pedal-powered and electric driving simulators, and DIES® Driving Activity Mats can help you achieve just that.


Interact with a variety of ages & audiences


Fatal Vision’s polydrug education products can be used with a variety of audiences, ranging from middle school students to adult community members. Whether you’re teaching about the dangers of polydrug use through a school, law enforcement agency, community event, or another setting, these products and the training the Fatal Vision team provides can help you connect with your students in a meaningful, lasting way.


If you’re ready to take the way you teach about the dangers of polydrug use to the next level, learn more about our polydrug products or contact a member of our team today!