Drunk Driving Prevention Tips to Share for the Holiday Season

Help educate and inform about drunk driving during this crucial time of year.

The holidays are an especially important time of year to share drunk driving prevention tips.The holiday season is a time of cheer, joy, and celebration. However, it is also important to acknowledge that this festive time can, unfortunately, mark a rise in drunk driving-related incidents and related car crashes. 

As educators and community leaders, you possess a powerful platform to share vital information through your traffic safety programs that can help prevent such tragic incidents. In this blog post, we’ll explore some crucial drunk driving prevention tips you can effectively share with your students or program participants this holiday season.


Statistics don’t lie

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 25,000 people are injured from alcohol-related car crashes in the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s each year. In December 2020 alone, car crashes involving a driver who was under the influence of alcohol killed 937 people.

Such hard-hitting statistics underscore the consequences associated with drunk driving and serve as a powerful reminder that this issue demands our attention and action. Incorporating such statistics into your educational program is one drunk driving prevention tip that is sure to catch students’ attention.


The power of designated drivers

One simple yet powerful way to ensure safe journeys home after holiday festivities is by encouraging the practice of designating a sober driver. By having a designated driver, individuals can enjoy the celebrations while also prioritizing the safety of themselves and others. Designated drivers truly make a significant difference, as they have the potential to turn what could have been a tragic ending into a joyous memory.

As a drunk driving prevention educator, it’s essential to stress the importance of having a plan for safely getting home after a holiday get-together where alcohol is served, whether your student is the one drinking or the person who drove them is. Fatal Vision’s Plan My Ride® elearning program helps illustrate alcohol-related scenarios where young drivers can use avoidance skills and strategies to get home safely. 


Promote the use of ride-shares

In today’s technologically advanced age, we are fortunate to have options such as Uber and Lyft that provide an easy alternative to driving when impaired. As educators and community leaders, we can encourage those planning on indulging in alcoholic beverages to proactively set up a ride-sharing app beforehand. This simple step can significantly reduce the risks associated with impaired driving.


Utilize educational tools

One particularly effective educational tool that you can utilize is the Fatal Vision® alcohol goggles. These goggles simulate the effects of impairment, allowing individuals to experience firsthand the challenges posed by alcohol on their ability to operate a vehicle safely. By incorporating such tools into educational programs, we can demonstrate to teenagers and adults alike the immediate and potentially devastating consequences of drunk driving.


By taking these proactive steps and sharing these important drunk driving prevention tips, we can collectively work towards ensuring that our holiday season remains a time of joy and celebration, free from the risks and consequences associated with drunk driving. It is in our hands to foster safer communities during this festive season, and Fatal Vision’s educational products can play a pivotal role in your endeavors. By integrating these educational tools into our initiatives, we can further raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving and encourage responsible decision-making.


Check out our full lineup of alcohol goggles and kits, as well as activities like the DIES Activity Mats and SUM-IT-CUP, to decide which educational tools would be the best fit for your drunk driving prevention program. If you have any questions about our products, drunk driving prevention tips, and other resources, please reach out to our team.