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Plan My Ride – eLearning Program (300 Students at $3.34 each)


Plan My Ride® is a research-based, self-paced, interactive eLearning traffic safety education program. Teens are often told not to drive distracted and impaired; Plan My Ride teaches teens the skills to avoid these behaviors in real-life situations. 

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Item Number: PMR

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Introducing Plan My Ride (PMR) – the affordable (less than $4 per student) eLearning program specifically designed to teach new teen drivers essential driving skills and address the dangers of distracted and impaired driving. In just 90 minutes, our research-based program allows teens to virtually experience and engage in various alcohol and distraction-involved driving situations to build skills beyond those learned in traditional driver’s education.  

Traffic crashes are a leading cause of death among new drivers every year, yet many driver education programs fail to thoroughly address distracted and impaired driving or offer young drivers alternative strategies to avoid these risky behaviors. That’s where PMR comes in, teaching the much-needed avoidance skills and strategies through an easy-to-use web-based program. 

Plan My Ride’s web-based program teaches essential avoidance skills and strategies. Students complete five engaging lessons, featuring 360-degree videos that allow them to apply and practice their skills in real-life scenarios. Upon completion, students can take a knowledge test and print a certificate of completion. 

Act today and choose Plan My Ride for an effective and engaging traffic safety program for the teen drivers in your community.  


Plan My Ride comes standard with the following:  

 Package Features

Student Seats 


Instructor Training (includes access to a supplemental group discussion and activity guide) 

3 Instructors 

Knowledge Tests 

1 for each Student 

Downloadable Certificates of Completion 

1 for each Student 

Administrative Dashboard 


Consultation for Set-up and Administration 



12-months from Date of Activation 

 Package Extras

Bundle of 25 Student Seats 


1 Additional Instructor 


Branded Homepage 


Annual Renewal (25% renewal discount from standard list price) 



Plan My Ride Benefits 

For instructors

  • Meets health education standards 
  • Reinforce safe driving skills through instructor-led group discussions and activities 
  • Online administrative dashboard to quickly and easily enroll students in the program, monitor completion, send reminders, view knowledge test scores, download completion reports and certificates of completion 

For students

  • Highly relevant, interactive, and engaging 
  • Learn tangible skills to avoid distracted and impaired driving 
  • Practice skills in immersive, 360-degree scenarios 
  • Receive tailored feedback 
  • Receive a certificate of completion

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