How to choose between SIDNE and Roadster

  Hello, I am Jamie Stebbeds with Innocorp, Ltd., makers of the Simulated Impaired Driving Experience (aka SIDNE), and exclusive distributor of the Fatal Vision Roadster Pedal Kart.    In this video, we’ll help you decide between a SIDNE Electric Kart and a Roadster Pedal Kart as ideal options for your impaired driving simulations. Important considerations […]

Selecting the Fatal Vision Kit That’s Right for You

    My name is Joe Wirth from Innocorp, LTD. – makers of the Fatal Vision® Impairment Simulation Goggles and many other health and safety outreach tools. In this video, I will be explaining the three standard configurations of packages we’ve adopted for each of our lines of impairment simulation goggles. Those are the Program, […]

Fatal Vision® – It’s more than just the goggle

  Hi, I’m Tim Jorgensen in product development with Innocorp Ltd.  We sometimes get the question- why am I required to buy the entire activity kit and not buy just the goggles with some product lines?    When we design an educational tool, we start with the end in mind. “What is a safe way […]

How do Fatal Vision® goggles simulate impairment?

  Have you ever had someone say, “that’s not what it’s like!” when they try on one of our simulation goggles? Well, they are right. Our goggles won’t make someone feel drunk, high, or concussed. The goggles elicit the behaviors associated with alcohol, concussion, marijuana, opioids, and drowsiness and distraction impairment. It’s interesting, I’ve demonstrated […]

Working with Experts

  Hello, my name is Michael Aguilar, President of Innocorp.  We get many questions about how we develop the Fatal Vision goggles and the goggle’s efficacy in changing people’s attitudes about impairment and impaired driving. In this video, I will be discussing how we develop our simulation googles and our use of experts in that […]

Are Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggle Products Evidence-Based?

  Hi, this is Tim Jorgensen in Product Development with Innocorp Ltd. Sometimes we get the question- Are Fatal Vision® Goggle products Evidence-based? The simple answer is yes, the Fatal Vision® Impairment Simulation Goggles is evidence-based. There have been at least four studies and one White Paper looking at the effects of the Fatal Vision Impairment […]

Innocorp’s WHY

  Hi, this is Deb Kusmec, Chief Operating Officer of Innocorp, Ltd.    During a planning meeting, a facilitator asked everyone at Innocorp what we do. We all gave a version of the same answer “we save lives.” That was a compelling answer. Do you know what’s even more powerful? Innocorp’s WHY.    Why do we create […]

What Does it Mean to be Evidence-based?

Question: What Does it Mean to be Evidence-based? Evidence-based practices are approaches that have been rigorously evaluated in experimental evaluations – like randomized controlled trials – and shown to make a positive, statistically significant difference in essential outcomes. A program that has stood the test of rigorous experimental evaluations: has shown that it is supported […]

Disinfection of the Fatal Vision Goggles

  Regarding the disinfection of the Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggles. As always, we strongly encourage anyone using our goggles in demonstrations to wipe the goggles with the Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Dispensable Wipe between each use and let air dry. The EPA and PDI has listed these wipes on List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2, […]