Vaping Education for Students: Enhancing Awareness

Educational banners and posters are a great way to promote vaping education for students.

Students and educators understanding vaping and its consequences is vital. The increase in prevalence of vaping among young individuals highlights the critical need for effective vaping education for students. Vaping, often perceived as a safer alternative to traditional smoking, has emerged as a popular trend. However, this perception is inaccurate as there are significant health […]

How to Connect with Students in Your Texting and Driving Prevention Program

Make an impact with your teenage students with these helpful tips.   In 2019, nearly 40% of teenagers had texted or sent an email while driving at least once during the past month, according to the Teen Driver Source from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute. Additionally, in 2020, 7% of drivers ages 15-20 involved […]

25 Years of Making a Difference with Fatal Vision®

How a veteran police officer has made an impact with Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Goggles.   In 1996 Innocorp, Ltd. launched its first product: the Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Goggle. Innocorp created this new tool to simulate an estimated blood alcohol concentration (BAC) impairment of .17 to .20+ and help traffic safety professionals deliver an engaging […]

3 Opioid Abuse Prevention Resources and Tips

Check out these resources to create an effective opioid prevention program. It’s hard to open a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing an alarming new statistic about opioid abuse and deaths from opioid overdoses these days.   The crisis is running rampant across the country, affecting people of all races, ages, and backgrounds. Fortunately, […]

The Science Behind Polydrug Effects

Learn what makes the combination of alcohol and marijuana effects so dangerous. It’s common knowledge that getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol will undoubtedly impair one’s driving. Over the years, there has been a tremendous body of research on drunk driving, as well as countless public awareness campaigns targeting and discouraging driving under the […]

4 Alcohol Awareness Program Resources

Use these alcohol awareness program tips and tools to enrich the attendee experience. Alcohol awareness is an essential part of driving education. By helping participants understand the dangers that come with drinking and driving, educators can help prepare drivers to be safe in real-life situations and even save lives.  However, preparing a curriculum that will […]