Selecting the Fatal Vision Kit That’s Right for You



My name is Joe Wirth from Innocorp, LTD. – makers of the Fatal Vision® Impairment Simulation Goggles and many other health and safety outreach tools. In this video, I will be explaining the three standard configurations of packages we’ve adopted for each of our lines of impairment simulation goggles. Those are the Program, Event, and Campaign kits. One of the questions I frequently hear when speaking with our customers about our goggles is, “What kit should I purchase?”

The answer is usually, “well, it depends.”

The main goal with every Fatal Vision experience is to have the audience be as engaged as possible. The participatory nature of our tools enhances the audience’s attention, increasing the effectiveness of the lesson.

The entry-level package for most of our product lines is called the Program Kit. If budget constraints is an issue, this kit provides the necessary components to deliver a foundational understanding of impairments.

An event kit includes the items in a program kit and adds more activities to engage an audience. An Event Kit provides the instructor the opportunity to deliver a lesson in various ways using the multiple activities included.

A Campaign Kit has everything an instructor needs to conduct a thorough, interactive lesson. It builds upon the program and event kits with additional activities to give multiple members in an audience an opportunity to participate.

To illustrate the product progression in our kits, let’s look at our Concussion product line.

The Concussion Program Kit offers two concussion goggles and five activities. This kit is ideal for classroom demonstrations. Students will experience a concussion’s effects on balance and coordination as they try to walk in a straight line and catch a ball. They also will see how brain injuries can impact memory and concentration with the Concussed activity game and accessories.

The Concussion Event Kit builds upon the program kit by providing three goggles and ten total activities. This package is great for instructing a larger group as they experience how concussion impacts memory and concentration and a person’s basic motor skills.

The Concussion Campaign Kit gives the instructor all the tools necessary to perform multiple demonstrations. The five goggles and 15 activities make this package the right choice for organizations requiring training in large-group and office settings.

Having a clear-cut objective for your presentation is paramount in implementing a safe and practical demonstration. We pride ourselves in our ability to find the best fit for our customers to accomplish their goals in educating their audience. 

Please contact us at or our toll-free number 800-272-5023 to discuss which goggle or kit best meets your needs. 



Joseph Wirth
Sales Representative