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Tactical Functional Training – Online Certification with Journal

Maximize Mobility, Reduce Liability, Minimize Risk: Tactical Functional Training® (TFT) Online Certification with Journal for Law Enforcement!

Boost your recruits’ fitness and mobility with the TFT program. It’s a complete system that helps academy instructors safely prepare their recruits for the rigors of academy training. The TFT program reduces the risk of injuries during training and makes it easier for instructors to manage personal liability.



Empower Your Journey – Elevate Mobility and Fitness with Tactical Functional Training® (TFT) Online Certification with Journal

Tactical Functional Training® (TFT) Program is a mobility and fitness training system designed by academy instructors, police agencies, and individual officers. The TFT online certification will ensure individuals are qualified to deliver the TFT mobility and fitness routines.

TFT provides access to an extensive library of short videos covering nutrition, fitness insights from veteran police officers, and mobility movements. 



You will need three pieces of equipment for the workouts. If you would like to purchase the equipment, follow the links below.

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Innocorp, ltd. partners with Tactical Functional Training to introduce law enforcement to innovative fitness programs. While our focus is impaired driving awareness tools, we’re thrilled to support TFT in promoting their program. Find us at or call us at 800-272-5023.


  • Instructors boost credentials and lower risk with TFT, a proven program for injury prevention and performance enhancement.
  • Recruits experience fewer injuries during fitness training with TFT’s focus on balanced mobility and fitness, reducing risk factors.
  • Customized programs meet law enforcement officers’ unique fitness needs, ensuring inclusivity and adaptability.
  • No special equipment is needed, just bodyweight exercises for convenient workouts.


  • Accessible journals and short videos on nutrition, fitness tips, and targeted mobility exercises.
  • It was made for academy instructors, police agencies, and officers looking to improve performance.
  • TFT focuses on areas prone to injury, like shoulders, back, hips, and ankles.