SUM-IT-CUP® consists of measuring beakers used to display what amount of various types of alcohol constitute a standard-sized drink.

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Item Number: SUMITCUP

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The SUM-IT-CUP® (Standard Unit of Measure) is an educational tool consisting of a large and small measuring beaker (does not include stemware, pitcher, and carrying case). It is designed to allow adults, 21 years of age and older, to pour and measure a volume of liquid and determine the number of standard drink units represented by the liquid for various types of popular alcohol beverages. When you engage your audience in this hands-on activity, they will more likely remember the number of standard drink units contained in various types of alcoholic beverages.


SUM-IT-CUP® comes standard with:

1 – Large-volume measuring beaker

1 – Small-volume measuring beaker

1 – Quick-start guide

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