Roadster Marijuana-Impaired Driving Course


Roadster marijuana-impaired driving course materials include all the necessary resources and accessories to set up a unique Roadster driving course to address marijuana-impaired driving.

*Roadster Pedal Kart Not Included

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Marijuana affects the brain differently than alcohol, and the Marijuana Impaired Driving Course with the Fatal Vision® Marijuana Goggles simulates that difference in a hands-on activity. Participants drive the Roadster through a course marked by cones, with LED lights indicating whether drivers should be turning, swerving, or stopping. When impaired by the Fatal Vision Marijuana Goggles, drivers will see how impaired perception and response, useful field of view, and reaction time affect their driving abilities. This course is the real “myth-buster.”

The course comes standard with one Fatal Vision® Marijuana Goggles, 16 – 28″ course cones, light kit (some assembly required), two helmets with sanitary fabric caps, two safety glasses, dry erase scoreboards with markers and eraser, course tape, measuring wheel, Roadster horn, backpack, germicidal disposable wipes, and educational materials (training video, course guide, and pdf poster). 

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