There’s no better time to introduce a Fatal Vision driving simulator to your education program!

Investing in a distracted driving simulator in spring can help add a boost of hands-on engagement to your educational program. When it comes to hands-on, engaging learning resources, it doesn’t get much more interactive than Fatal Vision’s distracted driving simulators. These innovative tools allow you to share lessons about the dangers of driving while distracted while keeping students engaged and entertained. 


Whether you opt for our pedal-powered Roadster kart or the electric SIDNE® kart, there’s really no better time to invest in a distracted driving simulator than the spring months. Here are just a few reasons why we recommend this time of year for researching and purchasing your own distracted driving simulator:


  1. Perfect weather for outdoor programming
  2. Increased interaction from less engaged students
  3. Having them on hand for spring/summer activity fairs
  4. Summer training for next school year


Keep reading to learn more about our distracted driving simulators and why this is the perfect time to add one to your distracted driving education program!


Perfect weather for outdoor programming

If you live somewhere with chilly, snowy winter weather, spring typically marks the return of warmer weather — and getting your students outside for a change of scenery. While our distracted driving simulators can be used indoors in a gymnasium or other large, open indoor settings, they also work just as well outside! 


You can set up a course in a parking lot or playground to give program participants a more authentic driving experience in a safe and controlled environment.


Increased interaction from less engaged students

Once spring hits, the end of the school year is in sight, which means many students are beginning to mentally “check out” and gear up for summer. One surefire way to regain their attention is with a fun, hands-on learning tool like our distracted driving simulators! By adding a hands-on activity like using a driving simulator, you can reinforce the distracted driving lessons you teach and provide participants with a truly memorable learning experience.


Having them on hand for spring/summer activity fairs

If your school or community hosts activity fairs and other outdoor gatherings in the spring and summer months, this time of year is perfect for investing in a distracted driving simulator! We’ve found that these simulators are a hit at school fairs, activity days, and more. Participants often have so much fun, they don’t even realize they’re learning at the same time.


Check out this blog post to learn how Fatal Vision products became a hit at New England College’s River Day celebrations!


Summer training for next school year

Purchasing your distracted driving simulator in the spring may not leave you enough time in the school year to fully incorporate it into your educational program. However, this is still a great time to order one! You can spend as much time as you need over the summer learning the best ways to utilize your simulator and train with our team so that when the next school year starts, you’ll be ready to go!


Interested in investing in a distracted driving simulator for your school or community educational program? Check out our Roadster Pedal Karts and SIDNE® vehicles on our website, and determine which model is the best fit for you with this blog post and these FAQs.

If you have any questions about adding a distracted driving simulator to your program, contact our team for assistance!