4 Facts About Our THC Goggles

Learn all about one of our signature goggle products.


Fatal Vision’s THC goggles are an engaging, hands-on way to enrich your drug education program.When it comes to drug education and prevention, educators are constantly faced with the challenge of providing students with tangible, engaging, and safe experiences that can help illustrate the consequences of drug abuse. The Fatal Vision® line has helped educators, law enforcement officials, and community leaders overcome that challenge for years with products like the innovative Fatal Vision® THC Goggles.

Since 2015, these goggles and accompanying activity kits have provided a way for students to break out of a typical classroom setting and get a hands-on feel for the way THC impairment from cannabis can impact their physical and cognitive  abilities. For any educator looking to enrich their drug abuse prevention program, the THC goggles are a great choice. But there are a few things to consider before purchasing a pair for your own classroom or community education program!

In this blog, we’ll cover some of the interesting and must-know facts about the Fatal Vision® THC Goggles that educators should understand before investing in a kit themselves, including:

  1. THC goggles cannot be purchased on their own
  2. The goggles work by altering users’ perception
  3. They can be used with a variety of age groups
  4. They’re just one part of Fatal Vision’s THC line

Read on to learn more about these facts about our THC goggles!


THC Goggles cannot be purchased on their own

An important point to note regarding Fatal Vision® THC Goggles is that the effectiveness of the demonstration relies on their combined use with the provided activities in our kits; the THC Goggles are not available for purchase without the kit activities.

The goggles are designed to model such THC impairments as short-term memory loss, impaired executive function, altered visual perception, and slight loss of motor coordination when used with the corresponding kit activities. The use of the THC Goggle without the kit activities does not provide the necessary demonstration or lesson about the dangers of THC.


The goggles work by altering users’ perception

The Fatal Vision® THC Goggles don’t actually make people wearing them feel as if they’ve used cannabis. Instead, the goggles simulate the effects of THC by altering the wearer’s visual perception and impairing their coordination and reaction times. By doing this, we’re able to model cognitive and physical  impairments that happen when someone is under the influence of THC in a safe, controlled way.


They can be used with a variety of age groups

No matter what age group you teach or where your drug education program is held, the Fatal Vision® THC Goggles can benefit you! With different activities, you can easily tailor the kit to your specific needs and the age group of your participants, from middle school students to adults.


They’re just one part of Fatal Vision’s THC line

While the Fatal Vision® THC Goggles and activity kits come with everything you need to enrich your drug education program, they aren’t the only THC/cannabis products available! You can purchase educational DVDs, banners, posters, and programs like Plan My Ride to round out your educational efforts in the classroom as well as out in the community at events such as National Night Out.

With Fatal Vision® THC Goggles, you have a hands-on and engaging way to take your cannabis education program to the next level. To learn more about our THC goggles and how they can make an impact in your program, check out this demonstration video or shop our selection of educational kits now!


If you have any questions about which Fatal Vision® are right for your program, or the training available with our products, contact our team today.