How to Use Concussion Goggles in Your Concussion Prevention Program

Take the guesswork out of incorporating this valuable educational tool into your curriculum. 

You can increase learning retention in your concussion prevention program with goggles and hands-on activities.Concussions have emerged as a growing concern in our society, especially among adolescents and young adults. As educators, we have a responsibility to highlight the dangerous consequences concussions can have — but they’re not always easy to illustrate in your concussion prevention program.

As technology evolves, it gives educators the ability to better illustrate the effects of concussions while improving engagement and learning retention within their concussion prevention program.

One piece of technology that assists in this is the Fatal Vision® Concussion Goggles, which help facilitate easy-to-understand lessons on the impact a concussion can have on a person’s abilities. 

In this article, we’ll dive into various engaging scenarios that demonstrate how Fatal Vision’s concussion goggles can truly make a difference in enhancing the safety of our youth in schools and communities.


Educating student athletes

One of the primary settings where Fatal Vision’s concussion goggles can be a valuable tool is athletics programs. These programs can use the goggles during coach, parent, or athlete safety education programs to simulate various concussion symptoms and demonstrate their effects on the athletes’ vision and reaction time.

This not only raises awareness but also teaches coaches and athletes how to recognize and report symptoms of a concussion, and how essential it is to follow a doctor’s recovery protocol after being diagnosed. 


Traffic safety demonstrations

Law enforcement organizations can use Fatal Vision’s concussion goggles in traffic safety demonstrations as well. By simulating the effects of a concussion with the aid of the goggles, law enforcement officers can raise awareness about the dangers of not only driving after sustaining a concussion but also the risks of concussions caused by car crashes or not wearing a seatbelt during a collision.


Promoting helmet use

Fatal Vision’s concussion goggle demonstrations can also play an important role in promoting the use of helmets when riding a bike, skateboard, scooter, or motorcycle. These types of demonstrations can be conducted in various settings, from activity fairs hosted by advocacy groups to rider safety classes.


Raising awareness of fall prevention

Hospitals and healthcare organizations can also use the Fatal Vision concussion goggles in concussion prevention programs centered around topics like playground safety for children and fall prevention among the elderly. By demonstrating the effects of a concussion sustained during a fall, families and individuals can gain a better understanding of how serious fall prevention truly is for people of all ages.


Workplace safety

Employers can integrate concussion goggles into workplace safety programs to educate employees about the potential hazards and risks associated with head injuries in various industries. By seeing firsthand the effects a concussion can have on their abilities, employees and managers alike can learn how vital it is to take preventative measures, report concussions, and follow a doctor’s prescribed recovery protocol.


Military education programs

Fatal Vision’s goggles are also a perfect fit for concussion prevention programs within the military. Not only do they educate military personnel about the signs and symptoms of a concussion, but educators can also use these resources with family members of soldiers who may be suffering from a traumatic brain injury to help them understand what their loved ones are going through.


Community events 

If you’re a community educator, concussion goggles and the accompanying activity kits are a fantastic resource to use during activity fairs, safety awareness days, health fairs, or National Night Out. You can set up a booth where participants use the goggles to gain a better understanding of the effects of concussions and the importance of head protection in their everyday lives.


Using Fatal Vision® Concussion Goggles

No matter what setting you’re using concussion goggles in, there are a few tips from the Fatal Vision team you can follow to ensure a successful educational experience.

First, it’s important to set the scene for any activity that you use from the goggle kit so that the participant can relate to a real-life situation where a concussion may impact their life. For example, if you’re working with a sports team, explain how the symptoms demonstrated in the activity could affect their athletic performance. If you’re in a traffic safety setting, explain how the symptoms the goggles simulate impact their ability to drive a car safely or how wearing a seatbelt can help prevent the occurrence of a concussion.

We also suggest working to dispel the idea that concussions are always related to contact sports. They can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. A concussion can happen after falling while working in your yard, a car accident, playing at the park, a slip and fall at work, or a bike accident — your participants may not be aware of these risks, so be sure to emphasize just how common concussions really are.

By implementing simulations using Fatal Vision’s concussion goggles, educators in a variety of settings can revolutionize their concussion prevention programs and clearly illustrate the impact concussions can have on our everyday lives. 


Interested in enhancing your concussion prevention program with goggles from Fatal Vision? Learn more about our goggles and activity kits here, or reach out to our team with any questions you may have.