How the “Reduce Teen Crashes” Web Program is Impacting Alcohol Education Programs Around the Country

Learn how this exciting alcohol awareness tool is changing teen minds and lives in the U.S.

Learn how the “Reduce Teen Crashes” traffic safety and alcohol education program is impacting teens across the country. Motor vehicle crashes are among the top 10 causes of death among people up to age 54 and are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. Every day, 29 people in this country die in a crash involving an alcohol-impaired driver, resulting in medical and work loss costs of more than $44 billion. Across the country, alcohol, distracted driving, and other education programs aim to reduce these numbers using hands-on learning tools and experiences that shed light on the dangers of impaired driving.

One such tool is the Reduce Teen Crashes web program, an innovative crash prevention and alcohol awareness program that teaches teens about the dangers of drinking and driving and other risky behaviors. Its 2013 launch in Tennessee saw an immediate growth in the number of traffic safety outreach activities completed in schools across the state and, in turn, a reduction in crashes involving teens. After this initial success, we knew we had to make this program even more accessible – so we partnered with Tennessee Tech’s iCube to help expand the program into other states across the country.

Keep reading to learn more about this traffic safety and alcohol education program and how it’s changing teen minds and lives in the United States.

How does Reduce Teen Crashes work?

This web-based program requires high schools in a county or state to sign up to participate during a school year. Participating schools then can earn points for completing various traffic safety activities in their school and community. The healthy competition helps motivate schools to provide more hands-on learning opportunities for their students throughout the year. While Reduce Teen Crashes offers activity suggestions to challenge and educate students about safe driving and alcohol impairment, schools are also encouraged to implement their own educational program ideas.

At Innocorp, we provide educators and community outreach coordinators with the tools needed to ensure a successful educational experience related to alcohol impairment, impaired driving, drug abuse, and concussions. Here are a few hands-on learning tools we’d recommend incorporating into your alcohol education program with Reduce Teen Crashes:

  • Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Goggles: These goggles simulate the effects of alcohol impairment and allow participants to discover how seemingly simple tasks become difficult under the influence of alcohol.
  • Drunk Driving Simulator: A drunk driving simulator can give participants a safe, hands-on experience with the very real dangers of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. We offer two models of simulators to accommodate varying program needs. Learn more about the benefits of drunk driving simulators.
  • Activity Mats: When used with the Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Goggles, DIES Alcohol Impairment Activity Mats depict common obstacles and situations that become hazards for a person under the influence of alcohol.

Find more alcohol awareness activities based on your budget here.

What are the benefits of Reduce Teen Crashes?

The primary benefit of using this traffic safety and alcohol education program is its ability to teach and educate young people about the risks involved with drinking and driving and other risky driving behaviors. Additionally, schools enrolled in Reduce Teen Crashes will enjoy the wide array of suggested activities that they can incorporate into their own curriculum. The competitive atmosphere may also result in higher participation and implementation of activities. Students are also more likely to be engaged when they can participate directly through hands-on activities and experiences.

How can schools customize the program to work for them?

Because Reduce Teen Crashes provides a large selection of activities, schools can choose the best ones for their audience based on the identified challenges and interests. Activities are also organized from simple to more involved, so schools just starting the program can begin with ones that feel easier to implement, and then continue more challenging activities as their program evolves.

What is the future of Reduce Teen Crashes?

Since its creation in 2013, Reduce Teen Crashes has provided significant benefits in Tennessee. Innocorp’s partnership to promote the program is helping it expand to other counties and states in the United States. As we continue to gain traction in other areas, we’re hopeful that we will soon see every state adopt the program into their own communities.

In this post, we covered how Reduce Teen Crashes is educating youth about the dangers of drunk driving and other risky driving behaviors. By incorporating this tool into your traffic safety or alcohol education program, you can provide memorable and hands-on experiences for your students.

For help creating an impactful alcohol awareness program for your students or community members, review our guide on how to demonstrate impairment in an alcohol education program, or contact us today.

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