Alcohol Awareness Activities for Every Budget

No matter your budget, you’ll find effective and educational activities to enhance your education program.

Smash Match is another alcohol awareness activity that explores the dangerous effects of alcohol impairment.

DIES® Alcohol Complete Package (Retail: $1,250)

Teaching teens and other at-risk groups about the dangers of alcohol abuse can be challenging without activities and tools that make an impression. Alcohol awareness activities designed to illuminate alcohol’s effects on the mind and body can take an educational program to the next level and create a truly enriching learning experience. Whatever your budget, you can find products and tools for your program right here. Find alcohol awareness activities for the following budget ranges below:

  • Under $500

  • $500-$2,500

  • $2,500-$5,000

  • $5,000+

Under $500

  • Alcohol Education DVDs

Our collection of alcohol education DVDs is a great way for participants to begin exploring the dangers of alcohol abuse, binge drinking, and drunk driving. Participants can learn the effects and risks of alcohol in All You Need to Know About Alcohol in 17 Minutes and Alcohol and the Developing Brain. Older teens or community members can take this learning a step further with video programs on Confronting Drunk Driving, Drinking Games, Alcohol Abuse and Overdose, and Underage Drinking: Is It Worth It?

Most of our educational DVDs are under $150 and include the video, a resource book, student handouts, and pre/post tests for participants to test their knowledge before and after watching the program.

Browse through our entire collection of educational DVDs here.

  • “You Call the Shots” 3 Poster Pack

Participants can see just how many standard drink units (SDUs) are in popular alcohol beverages with these three unique posters. This $30 poster pack provides “did you know” facts and illustrates the number of SDUs and calories contained in different types of beer, craft cocktails, and party punches.

  • SUM-IT-CUP® Complete with Master Bartender®

This $280 alcohol educational tool consists of the Master Bartender Game® along with a large and small measuring beaker, stemware, and pitcher. Designed for participants 21 years and older, this game allows participants to measure a volume of liquid to determine the number of SDUs present in various popular alcoholic beverages. This hands-on alcohol awareness activity is sure to be an enriching way to educate members of your community about just how many SDUs are present in popular drinks.

  • Smash Match® Impairment Challenge

This alcohol awareness activity pairs with the Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Goggles for a unique lesson about impaired driving. Participants are asked to wear the goggles and try to place and match traffic-related shapes on the Smash Match mat. By performing this activity first without and then with the goggles, participants will discover that simple activities become difficult or impossible to accomplish when the senses are impaired.

The Smash Match® Plus Fatal Vision® Goggles kit ($240) includes the activity, along with one goggle set and a user guide. If you already own a pair of Fatal Vision Impairment Goggles, you can buy the Smash Match® activity separately for $109.


  • Danger in Every Step (DIES®) Balcony Mat

This $575 educational activity mat features a party scene. It asks participants to navigate the “room” while performing simple tasks, such as picking up a TV remote, talking to another “partygoer,” and avoiding tripping hazards. Designed for use with the Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Goggles, this hands-on simulated challenge addresses the potential dangers associated with alcohol at house parties, family celebrations, and other events.

  • Intoxiclock® Pro Software

intoxiclock® Pro ($699 for one license) is a software tool that visually demonstrates how a person’s weight, gender, and drinking patterns affect their level of intoxication. Participants who may have previously underestimated the amount of alcohol it takes to push their BAC over the legal limit will learn just how their body handles intoxication with increasing amounts of alcohol consumption.

  • Fatal Vision® Roadster Pedal Kart

The Roadster Pedal Kart ($799) is one of two impaired driving simulators we offer to educators and other awareness program leaders. Participants can drive this affordable and easy-to-use vehicle on all types of terrain and, when combined with the Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Goggles, provides a real experience of what it’s like to drive intoxicated and its dangers.

Learn more about the Roadster Pedal Kart in our guide, Which Drunk Driving Simulator is Right for You?

  • Fatal Vision® Alcohol Event and Program Kit 

Smash Match is another alcohol awareness activity that explores the dangerous effects of alcohol impairment.

Smash Match® Impairment Challenge (Retail: $240)

Our alcohol activities kits include tools and activities that work together to show the effects of alcohol impairment. The $1,800 Fatal Vision® Alcohol Event Kit includes six alcohol impairment goggles, the Smash Match® Impairment Challenge, and interactive DIES® activity mats. The $1,060 Fatal Vision Alcohol Program Kit includes six alcohol impairment goggles, “Walk the Line” tape, and a TVL Lens Combo Pack.

Both packages also include an evidence-based program and user handbook to guide you through your alcohol educational program. You can also select an optional on-site training session with both packages for an additional $2,850.

  • Turn ‘N Learn – Classroom Challenge

The Turn ‘N Learn Classroom Challenge is one of our newest alcohol awareness activities. This $2,100 kit includes a game wheel, playing cards, one set of alcohol impairment goggles, one drowsy and distracted goggle, and gameplay activities. Participants will form into multiple teams and take turns spinning the wheel to select a question category. Teams work together to answer questions and perform tasks to earn points. All questions, role play, and activities are designed to help participants identify strategies for making safe decisions, as well as learn important facts and dispel myths related to alcohol use. 


  • Fatal Vision® Alcohol Campaign Kit

The Fatal Vision® Alcohol Campaign Kit ($3,775) is a comprehensive alcohol package consisting of the Event Kit plus the DIES® Party Mat and Line Detector. This full set of activities complements the use of our alcohol impairment goggles to give you the tools to engage the audience in your program. An optional on-site training session is available with this kit to help you learn how to use the demonstration tools in your alcohol awareness program.


  • Fatal Vision® Community Event Pack

The community event pack ($5,999) is an assortment of alcohol awareness and prevention educational tools for a hands-on demonstration. This demonstration pack includes six clear goggles, “Walk the Line” tape, Smash Match® Impairment Challenge, DIES® activity mats, SUM-IT-CUP® Complete, “You Call the Shots” poster and floor banner, intoxiclock® Pro Software, and one alcohol educational DVD.

  • Simulated Impaired Driving Experience (SIDNE®)

SIDNE® is our second impaired driving simulator and provides an actual driving experience for participants to learn about the dangers of drunk driving. SIDNE® Basic ($14,890) comes with a 4-6-hour on-site training class so that your instructors feel confident in operating and using our drunk driving simulator as an educational tool. SIDNE® Ultimate ($23,950) also includes additional accessories, such as course figures, traffic signs, space batteries, and other must-haves for your educational program.

These alcohol awareness activities are designed for any budget and can help illustrate the unique dangers of alcohol abuse, drunk driving, and impairment. For even more ideas on how to incorporate drunk goggles and alcohol awareness activities into your program, head to our blog. 

If you need assistance creating a meaningful hands-on educational experience for your students or community members, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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