Below is your SIDNE pre-work training module. Please complete it before your scheduled training date. By completing this pre-work, you will start the class with the hands-on portion of the SIDNE course. The pre-work eliminates your need for classroom lectures. If you opt-out, you will slow down the hands-on training because the pre-work is essential to you being able to operate SIDNE 

Complete the SIDNE pre-work training module before your SIDNE training date; use a computer, tablet, or phone. It takes approximately 30 minutes. There are 6 sections, each with a video and a few questions. If you get an incorrect answer, you get one more chance to make the correct choice. Score at least 80% correct to pass.  

  • Your quiz results display at the end
  • Take a screen capture of your results before you click the CONTINUE button. On a Windows computer, this would be a print screen button
  • Click the CONTINUE button, and your email system will open a new email addressed to
  • Paste the screen capture of your results into the email or attach a photo of your results
  • Include your name and organization 
  • Send the email


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