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Tactical Functional Training (TFT) Mobility & Fitness Program with Journal

The Tactical Functional Training® (TFT) Program is a targeted fitness program designed for use by law enforcement academies and departments, benefiting recruits and sworn officers. TFT prioritizes enhancing flexibility, mobility, and overall performance while minimizing the risk of common injuries in areas such as shoulders, lower back, hips, and ankles. It’s a comprehensive solution to elevate the well-being of individuals on and off the job.

Mobility = Survivability®

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TFT Mobility & Fitness Program with Journal

Exercise can significantly reduce the risk of suicide, and TFT is your complete mobility and fitness program that goes beyond workouts. It’s your key to improving overall well-being.

Why Choose TFT?

  • Flexible and Convenient: Our TFT program comes with a journal that outlines your workout schedule, complete with links to instructional videos and nutritional guidance. You can access it at your own pace, fitting seamlessly into your daily routine.

  • Law Enforcement-Approved: Developed specifically to cater to the unique fitness demands of law enforcement officers, TFT is a comprehensive solution designed to keep you at your physical peak, ready to face the challenges of the field.

  • A Wealth of Knowledge: Gain access to an extensive library of short videos covering nutrition, fitness insights from veteran police officers, and mobility movements. This complete approach ensures that you have all the tools at your disposal to succeed.

  • Injury Prevention: TFT is not just about building strength and endurance; it’s about safeguarding your well-being. Our program incorporates injury reduction and prevention strategies to keep you fit and healthy.

  • For All Fitness Levels: Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting on your journey, TFT is designed to cater to individuals of all fitness and mobility abilities. Everyone can benefit from this program.



To get started, you’ll need just three basic pieces of equipment for your workouts. If you’re looking to purchase these items, we’ve provided convenient links to make the process easier for you.

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