Frequently Asked Questions

Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Goggles

Fatal Vision® Goggles are available with either a clear or shaded lens to simulate daytime or nighttime impairment.

Innocorp does not recommend the use of impairment goggles with motorized vehicles such as street licensed cars/trucks, golf carts, UTV’s, and other recreational vehicles. This activity is potentially dangerous and could result in injury. You may combine Innocorp’s SIDNE® vehicle with Fatal Vision® Marijuana and Drowsy & Distracted Goggles when directed and supervised by a trained professional.

When a person is drinking alcohol, both their mind and body become impaired. This impairment affects their cognitive (or mental state) and the ability to make rational choices. The Fatal Vision® Goggles impair an individual’s physical capabilities, including balance and equilibrium, reaction time, judgment, and targeting. Because Fatal Vision® Goggles do not impair a person’s cognitive state, it is sometimes difficult for those wearing the goggles to comprehend that they do behave in this way when impaired as they perform a series of simple sobriety tests. It is important to remind participants that they are experiencing physical impairment with a sober mind.

The White Label Goggles simulate an estimated BAC of .05 or less, which is one of our most popular impairment levels. With nationwide campaigns bringing attention to the dangers of “buzzed” driving, the White Label Goggles deliver a clear lesson about how impairment begins with the first drink. You may also use these goggles to address the issues of metabolization, showing that individuals may still be impaired the morning after consuming alcohol and not even realize it.

There are five levels of impairment to choose from, with each having the ability to support a specific lesson or message. The White Label goggles demonstrate how even one drink can impair a person. Bronze Label goggles simulate the impairment a person would experience at the BAC limit of .08 while the Red Label goggles model the impairment of the national average BAC for DUI arrests (.12-.15). Our most popular level is the Silver Label, which simulates a BAC that is over double the legal limit in all 50 states (.17-.20). To demonstrate impairment resulting from drinking games or binge drinking scenarios, our customers will choose the Black Label goggles to simulate a BAC of .25 or higher.

Yes, Fatal Vision Goggles are sometimes referred to by people as Beer Goggles, Drunk Goggles, or Drunk Glasses.

Fatal Vision® Marijuana Simulation Goggles

Innocorp designed these goggles to model the cognitive impairments resulting from recreational marijuana use. However, synthetic cannabis, often referred to as K2 Spice, has similar impairments to recreational marijuana use.
No, the Marijuana Goggle does not simulate a specific level of THC, but they are instead used to demonstrate the types of impairments that are common with recreational marijuana use.
The impairment from alcohol involves gross motor incoordination, so the physical effects are obvious. The Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Simulation goggles demonstrate the impairment of loss of balance, poor vision, slowed reaction time, and poor judgment associated with alcohol consumption. Impairment resulting from recreational marijuana use provides a cognitive impairment that distorts concentration, disrupts memory and information processing, and causes a slight loss of coordination. The Fatal Vision Marijuana Goggles demonstrates these cognitive impairments and the potentially severe consequences that can result.
No, marijuana does not cause you to see green, nor does it make you blind to the color red. The green lens is one component of the Marijuana Goggles that models the distorted processing of information.
The Fatal Vision® Marijuana Simulation Goggles are not available for purchase individually. You can, however, add Marijuana Goggles to the purchase of any of the Marijuana Simulation Experience Kits. The lens technology that we use to simulate impairment from alcohol allows the participant to feel a loss of balance, impaired targeting skills, and vision, slowed reaction time, and poor judgment. The lens technology that we use to model impairment from recreational marijuana is very different. The Marijuana Goggles provide a filtering effect that allows the participant to experience loss of concentration, impaired short-term memory, and altered visual information processing, with a minimal loss of balance and coordination. To model these cognitive impairments, we designed specific activities and accessories for the Fatal Vision® Marijuana Goggles to demonstrate the potentially severe consequences that can result from the acute effects of recreational marijuana use, especially while driving. The Marijuana Goggles will only work when used with the accompanying activities and accessories included in the kits.
The Fatal Vision Marijuana Simulation Kits each include a variety of activities and experiences that provide a clear drug prevention lesson. Several activities focus on drugged driving and are targeted for both new and experienced drivers ages 16 and older. Each kit also includes activities that can be used to educate about non-driving dangers that can result from recreational marijuana use. Because rates of marijuana use amongst 8th-, 10th-, and 12th-graders are higher than rates for any other illicit drug (as cited by, the Fatal Vision® Marijuana Simulation Experience Kits can be used with youth 12 years of age or older, provided the instructor has a relevant call to action for this age group.

Fatal Vision® Concussion Goggles

No. The Concussion Goggles provide a visual experience that produces double or disconnected vision, which is a common symptom of concussions. When using the goggles with the included kit activities, participants experience a very realistic simulation of traumatic brain injury (TBI) symptoms and quickly understand the impact of this type of brain injury.
The symptoms of a concussion can affect a person in every aspect of their life. While many people understand that a concussion will affect a person’s athletic ability, these activities will help them see that a concussion will affect them in the classroom or at work as well.
No. The Fatal Vision Goggles simulate impairment and not the visual concussion symptoms associated with TBI. We designed the Concussion Goggles and program activities to complement one another and deliver a realistic concussion simulation and learning experience.

The included Quick Start Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, and activities provide an effective lesson that is simple to deliver and not soon forgotten. Activities such as the “Timed Catch” or the Concussed Card Game let participants experience the following TBI symptoms:

  • Feeling of dizziness
  • Visual disconnect
  • Disorientation and loss of spatial awareness
  • Hesitation, apprehension, confusion, and lack of confidence while doing the activity

Fatal Vision® Drowsy and Distracted Goggles

There are three different settings in the impairment modes of our Drowsy and Distracted Goggles: Distracted Dial, Distracted Text, and Drowsy. Distracted Dial mode simulates what could happen if someone takes his eyes off the road “just long enough” to dial a phone — the goggles blackout for three seconds. Distracted Text mode simulates the distraction that occurs when someone reads or responds to a text. The goggles blackout for 4.6 seconds to simulate the amount of time, on average, that person’s eyes and attention are of a device rather than on the road. Drowsy mode simulates momentary micro-sleeps that build in waves until the eyes and brain shut down. The goggles blackout beginning with a short half-second closure and continue to blackout for a more extended period, progressing to a 10-second blackout.
There are three different settings in the impairment modes of our Drowsy and Distracted Goggles: Distracted Dial, Distracted Text, and Drowsy. Control these modes through the app on your phone, or manually on the goggle.
A fully charged battery will last up to three hours, with the impairment modes engaged.
There is a one-year warranty for all Drowsy and Distracted goggles. That one-year timeframe begins the day the customer receives the shipment.

Fatal Vision® Opioid Goggle

This program shows participants the possible consequences of opioid use and abuse on a person’s quality of life.
The Fatal Vision® Opioid Impairment Goggles program models how opioid abuse can impair motor coordination and reaction times. Opioids depress the central nervous system, causing divided attention failure, nodding out, contrast sensitivity impairment, and a feeling of heaviness in the extremities. These impairments can negatively impact an individual’s health, responsibility, and environmental safety.

The Opioid Goggle is only available in kits. All Fatal Vision® Opioid kits come standard with Fatal Vision® Opioid Goggles, hand/wrist weights, user guide, GET IT 2GETHER™ Home Activity, GET IT 2GETHER™ School Activity, and in-app educational materials with instructional videos. These materials combine specific instruction with specially designed activities to help you demonstrate opioid impairment.To deliver an effective demonstration of opioid impairment, follow the recommend activities and delivery instructions listed in the Fatal Vision® Opioid User Guide. Doing otherwise will not provide a clear demonstration of opioid impairment.

You may add additional goggles to a kit, allowing more people to participate at the same time.

A fully charged battery will last up to three hours, with the impairment modes engaged.
The Fatal Vision Opioid goggles have a one-year warranty that begins on the date of your purchase.
Using the different impairment modes can be done through the app on your phone, or manually on the goggle.

intoxiclock® Pro Software

There is no charge for the free trial. We will send you reminders during the trial period that your six-month access is about to expire and offer you the opportunity to purchase the software. If you do not purchase, you will lose access to the program after the free trial expires.
More licenses would be helpful if more than one person is utilizing the software for instruction. An instructor may use the extra license download Intoxiclock on their device to allow better access and flexibility. You may add up to five additional licenses per order.

On-site Training

A mandatory on-site training session comes standard with the purchase of a SIDNE package. All Innocorp products include a user guide and other instructional materials to provide the necessary knowledge to use and implement these prevention tools. However, customers find purchasing an on-site training session beneficial to ensure a confident, safe, and appropriate demonstration is delivered.
Innocorp requires up to six weeks to schedule your training session.
Innocorp can provide on-site training for all of our products. Contact us to discuss your training needs today.
An additional consecutive day of on-site training is ideal for groups of ten or more participants or when you may require a more extensive selection of products that may require an additional day.


SIDNE has two 3-point safety belts, a wide wheelbase and low center of gravity to prevent rollovers. The Instructor has remote breaking and stopping control of SIDNE. SIDNE has two-speed modes, four and eight mph. Electronic braking provides a smooth, controlled braking action and prevents sudden or skidding stops.
Innocorp does not recommend the use of impairment goggles with motorized vehicles such as street licensed cars/trucks, golf carts, UTV’s, and other motorized vehicles. This activity is potentially dangerous and could result in injury. You may combine Innocorp’s SIDNE® vehicle with Fatal Vision® Marijuana and Drowsy & Distracted Goggles when directed and supervised by a trained professional.
Yes, many customers use their SIDNE in school gymnasiums, community centers, and other indoor facilities. You will want to make sure SIDNE’s tires are clean and free of debris and that you have enough room to provide a safe driving experience. We recommend a 100 ft X 100 ft driving course area.
Innocorp engineered SIDNE to be user-friendly and require minimal maintenance. Required maintenance includes: charging batteries, maintaining tire pressure, monitoring drive belt and tire wear, and periodically changing transmitter batteries.
SIDNE has two-speed modes, four and eight mph.
Under normal operating conditions, SIDNE batteries will provide enough power for 4-5 hours of run time.
Yes, each SIDNE package includes an on-site training session at your location. Training sessions can accommodate up to six attendees and is delivered using a Train-the-Trainer format to allow the customer to train additional staff as needed. On-site training can take 1-2 days, depending on the number of attendees and selected products.
SIDNE has been in the market and providing hands-on safety experiences for more than ten years. Law enforcement, schools, colleges, and universities, the US Military, government highway safety agencies, and safe community coalitions around the world have delivered countless hours of hands-on impaired driving prevention and awareness campaigns using SIDNE.
SIDNE comes with standard warranty coverage of six months or 150 hours of run time. You may purchase an extended warranty to provide coverage for 18 months or 450 hours.
Yes, S.I.D.N.E. is an acronym that stands for Simulated Impaired DriviNg Experience, but some people refer to it as a Drunk Driving Car, Drunk Driving Simulator, or a DUI Simulator.