What is the Future of Health and Safety Awareness Programs?

On April 20th, 2020, we reached out to you, our Innocorp customers and contacts, asking for your thoughts about the future of health and safety awareness programs in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many of you enthusiastically responded offering passion, concern, and excitement about what your future programming may look like and where it may change. First, thank you for taking the time to respond. We greatly appreciated your thoughts and ideas and are actively pursuing many of the ideas you gave to us. Here is a summary of your responses.

Customers and contacts from around the world contributed their thoughts and ideas. Your responses gave us valuable feedback and took on a tone of how social-distancing, hygiene & sanitization, and virtual demonstration techniques that we need to consider and potentially change to keep our educators and participants safe and healthy. Your responses confirmed that impaired and drug driving prevention and awareness programs would continue to be a top priority.

The pandemic challenges us to come up with new ideas and resources, so that you can continue with your essential work. As we move forward, virtual reality, digital learning, web-based training, online activities, and the safe and healthy delivery of Fatal Vision® goggle activities will be driving Innocorp as we continue to meet these new challenges.

One customer summed up this current challenge best, “Thanks to technology, we have great avenues such as the internet, cellphones, video messaging, online training…Although these methods could prove beneficial during Covid-19, nothing beats hands-on and face to face training. We can never stop our education and training, but instead, we have to continue the development of our methods and meet the current situation.”

As a result of your responses, we will be developing a series of blog posts that focus on Innocorp products that can provide virtual and distance learning approaches. One of those products is intoxiclock® Pro Software. In a new post, we will demonstrate how you can conduct a remote demonstration using intoxiclock.