FAQs About Our Vision Impairment Simulation Goggles

Find out everything you need to know about Fatal Vision goggles!


Fatal Vision’s vision impairment simulation glasses are a valuable addition to any educational program.Our Fatal Vision® Impairment goggles are among the most popular tools we offer for safe driving education and awareness programs, and for a good reason. They offer a hands-on way for students and other program participants to experience effects similar to various types of impairment without any risk. Plus, they can help increase program engagement and make learning a more memorable experience.


Here are some frequently asked questions that we receive about our vision impairment simulation glasses and how they can be used in drug, alcohol, and safe driving education programs.


Q: How do the goggles work?


A: The goggles simulate either the effect of being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or sustaining a concussion, or the effect of driving while distracted or drowsy. The goggles model cognitive distortion and cause a loss of targeting skills, slowed decision-making, and a delay in reaction time. We offer a variety of goggles for particular situations, including: alcohol impairmentdrowsy and distracted drivingconcussionmarijuana impairmentopioid impairment, and polydrug use (using marijuana and alcohol simultaneously).


Q: How can I use them in an education and awareness program?


A: The goggles are a fun and engaging way to help young people understand very serious and potentially life-threatening topics. Participants complete a series of seemingly simple tasks or sobriety tests first without the goggles and then wearing the goggles.


Some sample tasks include walking in a straight line, balancing on one leg, and catching a ball — all tasks that become much more difficult once alcohol or another impairing substance is added. The goggles cause the wearer’s skills and vision to be impacted in a way that’s typical of individuals impaired by a particular substance or condition.


Q: What symptoms can the goggles simulate?


A: The goggles are designed to simulate the effects of a particular situation, such as distracted and drowsy driving or a concussion or substance (i.e., drugs or alcohol). The goggles achieve this by modeling the impairments that accompany these situations, including distorted perception, poor motor coordination, slowed decision-making, dizziness, double vision, and delayed reactions. 


Q: How many pairs of the goggles should I order?


A: This depends on how many students are enrolled in your program. We’re happy to discuss what quantity might be right for your program, depending on your total number of participants and the activities you have in mind. Contact our team to learn more!


Q: How do I care for the goggles?


A: When you order Fatal Vision® impairment simulation goggles, you will receive a cloth cleaning bag, You can also purchase germicidal disposable wipes, sanitary masks, or our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit. As long as they are properly cleaned and handled carefully, the goggles should last long enough to teach valuable lessons to many students!


To learn more about our Fatal Vision® impairment simulation glasses and how to incorporate them into your educational programs, visit our online store or contact our team today.