Virtual Learning Resources for Your Alcohol Education Program

Hold a successful drunk driving and alcohol education program remotely with these tips and tools.

Use these virtual learning resources to create a successful remote alcohol education program.The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many educators to adjust how they deliver essential lessons—and your alcohol education program is no exception.

Drunk driving prevention education remains a critical part of working toward fewer crashes and fatalities. To help meet the challenge, Innocorp has tools you can use virtually to deliver the same quality programming you once did in person. 

Resources that can help enrich your virtual alcohol education program include:

  1. intoxiclock® Pro 
  2. Plan My Ride
  3. Reduce Teen Crashes

Read on to discover the virtual learning resources that educators and participants can access from anywhere.

intoxiclock® Pro 

Innocorp designed the intoxiclock Pro software  to dynamically demonstrate the impact of drinking as it relates to BAC (blood alcohol concentration). The simple-to-use, easy-to-understand software meets the need for deliveringvirtual learning.

Many people have difficulty understanding just how little alcohol it takes to become an unsafe or unlawful driver. They think they’re okay to drive and find out too late they should have found another way to get home.

The intoxiclock Pro tool allows you to build a scenario that considers a person’s gender and weight, what time they started drinking, what and how much they drank, and more. Based on these inputs, intoxiclock Pro calculates the person’s BAC and displays vibrant graphics and a real-time digital countdown clock indicating how long it will take to get back to a BAC of 0.0.

intoxiclock Pro software comes standard with a digital user guide and instructional materials to guide program delivery and use.

Plan My Ride

Innocorp’s web-based training program Plan My Ride allows instructors to teach safe driving skills remotely and expand on lessons with additional activities that can be completed virtually or in-person. The course, developed with and for young drivers, is presented in an easy-to-use virtual learning system with an interactive curriculum. Plan My Ride helps students develop the skills they need to drive safely.  Drunk and distracted driving awareness and prevention are part of the program.

Plan My Ride is available in package options for small groups (25 student seats) or larger groups (150 student seats) and includes access to log in, view, and complete online lesson plans, as well as follow-up comprehension tests. Instructor seats include dashboard access and program management, materials to guide activities, and prompts for productive group discussions.

Learn more about Plan My Ride in our previous blog post on virtual traffic safety program resources and tips.

Reduce Teen Crashes

The web-based Reduce Teen Crashes program can help emphasize the dangers of impaired or distracted driving when incorporated into your virtual alcohol education program. This innovative program encourages teens to increase traffic safety awareness in their schools and communities by connecting them with traffic safety partners across their state.

The Reduce Teen Crashes program leverages online activities, competitions between participating schools, and the power of social media, in getting teens involved with traffic safety advocacy. You can automatically track your school’s points and completed activities, giving you on-demand information on how the program is impacting your alcohol education program.

Learn more about the Reduce Teen Crashes program and see how it’s impacted other alcohol education programs around the country.

You can purchase the intoxiclock® Pro and Plan My Ride virtual learning resources right now on our website. For additional assistance in selecting the right resources for your virtual alcohol education program, or to purchase the Reduce Teen Crashes program, contact us online at any time or call 800.272.5023.

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