8 Hands-On Tools for Your Alcohol Education Program

Enhance your alcohol awareness program with simulators, goggles, and other hands-on instruments

Alcohol use can dramatically  Fatal Vision alcohol impairment goggles can help enhance your alcohol education program.   hinder brain functions like reasoning, muscle coordination, and thinking. How better to illustrate the dangers of these effects than through hands-on tools that engage and teach young people and other members of the community?  In this post, we’re highlighting eight helpful instruments you can use to help enhance your alcohol awareness education program:

  1. Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Goggles
  2. Fatal Vision® Roadster Pedal Kart
  3. SIDNE® Electric Simulator Vehicle
  4. intoxiclock® Pro Software Campaign Kit
  5. DIES® Impairment Activity Mats
  6. Smash Mash® Impairment Challenge
  7. SUM-IT-CUP®
  8. Turn ‘N Learn®

Keep reading to learn more about each of these tools to help enhance your alcohol awareness program.

Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Goggles

Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Goggles give participants the feeling that they are under the influence of alcohol. In the context of an alcohol education program, these tools can help young people discover how seemingly simple tasks become increasingly more difficult under the influence of alcohol. They give participants a safe way to learn essential and potentially life-saving lessons about the dangers of being under the influence.

The goggles have five levels of impairment to choose from that are intended to represent the impairment associated with different blood alcohol concentration levels (BAC). The impairment levels of the goggles range from below the legal limit (.06) to extreme BAC levels (.25+), depending on the lessons you’re teaching in your alcohol awareness program.

Find drunk goggles and alcohol awareness activities on our blog. 

Fatal Vision Roadster Pedal Kart

The Fatal Vision Roadster Pedal Kart is used in conjunction with the Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Goggles mentioned above. The purpose of this hands-on simulator is to show participants the dangerous experience of driving under the influence of alcohol. The Roadster is an extremely flexible and relatively affordable tool for your alcohol awareness program. It’s easy to use and can be used indoors, outdoors, and even on off-road terrain.

Learn about the three types of courses that work with our drunk driving pedal kart on our blog. 

SIDNE (Simulated Impaired Driving Experience) Electric Simulator Vehicle

If you’re looking for the ultimate drunk driving simulator for your alcohol education program, SIDNE is just the ticket. It’s a custom-built electric cart that allows drivers and passengers to experience what can happen when they operate a vehicle while impaired. Experiences include loss of control, erratic acceleration and braking, lane shifts into “oncoming traffic,” delayed response time, and impaired judgment. When used in an alcohol awareness program, SIDNE can help you deliver a lifelike driving experience that participants will never forget.

Discover the benefits of using drunk driving simulators in your alcohol awareness program here. 

intoxiclock Pro Software

The intoxiclock Pro software is designed to visually illustrate how a person’s weight, gender, drink of choice, and drinking rate affects their BAC. All these factors determine how long it takes someone to metabolize alcohol. The intoxiclock Pro is the perfect tool to incorporate into your alcohol education program to help illustrate the effects of drinking. It allows participants to create realistic drinking scenarios and learn the real-time impact their choices will have on their BAC.

Danger in Every Step (DIES) Alcohol Impairment Activity Mats

DIES Alcohol Impairment Activity Mats There are many tools that will make your alcohol awareness program more engaging and effective.provide an additional dose of reality to the Fatal Vision Impairment Goggles activities. The mats depict several common obstacles and situations that commonly become hazards for a person under the influence of alcohol. Can you imagine the dangers associated with being drunk on a balcony? How about trying to navigate a winding sidewalk? Or descending a flight of stairs? The DIES Alcohol Impairment Activity Mats come in three different designs that you can integrate into your alcohol education program, including:

Smash Match Impairment Challenge

Smash Match Impairment Challenge is a timed activity that can be used alongside the Fatal Vision Impairment Goggles to engage participants in your alcohol education program. Students will match or place simple traffic-related shapes first without, and then with, the goggles on. This activity will show students that as the senses become impaired, the ability to accomplish simple tasks and process information is diminished dramatically. Smash Match comes with a user guide so you can effectively integrate it into your alcohol education program.


An important lesson to teach in your alcohol awareness program is that not all drinks are created equal. Just because an alcoholic beverage is served in a single container doesn’t mean that it’s just “one drink.” SUM-IT-CUP is an interactive activity that helps participants learn about Standard Drinking Units (SDU). They’ll come away from the lesson knowing that it’s important to keep track of the number of servings of alcohol in your beverages, not just the number of drinks consumed.   

Turn ‘N Learn

Turn ‘N Learn is a team game focused on questions, role play, and activities with the Fatal Vision Impairment Goggles. Participants spin the wheel and work together to answer the question or complete an activity, depending on the category. This game is a fun way to engage students as they learn to identify strategies for making safe decisions, dispel myths, and learn important facts. Turn ‘N Learn is a must-have addition for your classroom-based alcohol education program.

These hands-on tools can be used to help enhance your alcohol education program by engaging participants and giving them an unforgettable experience. To learn more about these and other impairment teaching tools, visit our site today or call 800.272.5023.

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