4 Things to Know About our Drug Education Products

Learn about our suite of tools to help your drug education program.


Our drug education products are a great hands-on way to get your lessons across.Putting students in the “driver’s seat” of their education is a surefire way to engage them on a deeper, more meaningful level. The same is true regarding the serious topic of drug and alcohol education. 


Drug education products effectively get students involved and give them a more hands-on way to connect with the lessons being shared. If you’re considering incorporating these products into your drug education program, the Fatal Vision team has some guidance to consider.


Here are four things to know about our drug education products:


  1. How the products work
  2. Add-on training session
  3. Benefits of incorporating hands-on learning
  4. How to care for your Fatal Vision® products


How the products work


One of our most popular tools is our Fatal Vision® Goggles, which offer a safe, first-hand experience of what it’s like to be under the influence of different drugs and/or alcohol. When the goggles are purchased as part of a program kit, you also receive a number of activities to use in conjunction with the goggles.


The goggles work by simulating the effects of different drugs on our senses and reflexes. For example, our Marijuana Goggles impair the user’s ability to perceive color. While not an effect of marijuana or cannabis, it impairs the user’s ability to make quick and accurate decisions as the drug would. Our Opioid Goggles limit the scope of input and blackout at various periods, simulating the decreased awareness and nodding out that can come with opioid use.


Together with their accompanying activities, the goggles provide a safe, hands-on way to experience firsthand what it may feel like to try to perform daily tasks while under the influence of these drugs.


Add-on training session


When you invest in Fatal Vision® products, you have the option to purchase an in-person training session. While our products are user-friendly, having a trained expert walks you through how to best use these new tools is always helpful. Our certified trainers work with your instructors, outreach staff, and prevention specialists teaching them how to use the products and incorporate them into your awareness and prevention programs. 


Training is ideal for new instructors, educators introducing Fatal Vision® products into their programs for the first time, or those needing a refresher to improve their program delivery techniques and methods for effectively using Fatal Vision products. The content and length of the class can be customized to meet your organization’s training needs and goals.


Benefits of incorporating hands-on learning


It’s easy to fall into the habit of lectures and lessons where the instructor is simply talking at students instead of engaging them in a creative and impactful way. With hands-on tools like the Fatal Vision® Goggles, students can participate in drug and alcohol education in an interactive way. This opens the dialogue for instructors and students to discuss the dangers and the seriousness of drug and alcohol use.


Learn more about the benefits of adding an interactive drug education product like our Polydrug [Alcohol & Marijuana] Goggle Kit to your educational program here.


How to care for your Fatal Vision® products


We offer several options to keep your Fatal Vision® products clean and cared for, including goggle sanitary masksdisposable sanitizing wipes, and the complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit.


We also have videos on our website on how to clean our electronic and standard goggles.


To learn more about our drug education products and how to incorporate them into your educational programs, visit our online store or contact our team today.