4 Ways to Recognize Teen Driving Awareness Month in Your Texting and Driving Prevention Program

Check out these timely activities to incorporate into your curriculum. 


Fatal Vision's hands-on tools are the perfect addition to any texting and driving prevention program.January is nationally recognized as Teen Driving Awareness Month, a critical time to refocus our attention on the significant risks teen drivers face on the road, such as driving while texting or otherwise distracted. As educators, we are uniquely positioned to impart crucial information about these hazards and help our students adopt safer driving habits. 

In this blog post, we will explore different ways you can acknowledge Teen Driving Awareness Month and weave it into the lessons you share in your texting and driving prevention program.


Share impactful statistics

One effective way to drive home the reality of distracted driving is by sharing statistics about crashes caused by teenage drivers who were texting while driving or driving while distracted by something or somebody else in the car.

For instance, did you know that car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States, with one study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute finding that texting while driving increases the risk of a crash by 23 times?


Engage with hands-on activities

Another effective method to highlight the dangers of distracted driving is through hands-on, engaging activities. Fatal Vision’s Drowsy & Distracted Driving Goggles, DIES® Distracted Driving Activity Mat, and pedal-powered or electric driving simulators offer a unique, immersive experience by mimicking the disorienting effects of distraction on a driver’s abilities.

These tools allow participants to experience firsthand the potentially severe consequences of distracted driving in a safe and controlled environment, creating lasting memories that help your lessons stick with them.


Bring in local speakers

Inviting local speakers who have personal stories related to texting and driving can be an incredibly powerful addition to your texting and driving prevention program and an impactful way to recognize Teen Driving Awareness Month. Hearing firsthand accounts of the real-life consequences of distracted driving can create a lasting impression on your students, making the dangers of this behavior more tangible and real.


Host a safe driving fair

Make Teen Driving Awareness Month an occasion to celebrate by hosting a safe driving activity fair or booth at a community event to spread awareness about the importance of staying focused while driving. This can include interactive activities, such as a driving simulator for attendees to try, and informational materials outlining the risks of distracted driving.

Teen Driving Awareness Month provides an excellent opportunity for educators to emphasize the importance of safe driving habits in their texting and driving prevention programs. By sharing statistics, engaging students with hands-on activities, inviting local speakers, and hosting community events, we can make a significant impact on our students’ understanding of distracted driving.


To learn more about Fatal Vision’s educational tools and how they can enhance your texting and driving prevention program, get in touch with our team today. Together, we can work towards reducing the dangers that our young drivers face on the road.