Tactical Functional Training



For more than twenty years, Innocorp has invested financial and creative resources into developing interactive and engaging tools to help advocates for traffic safety educate others on the dangers of impaired driving. In addition to alcohol impairment simulation, our product lines and focus have expanded to include concussion awareness, marijuana impairment modeling, drowsy and distracted driving simulation, and our latest creation, opioid impairment simulation.

These tools help our customers reach critical audiences to inform and persuade their choices that can have life or death consequences.

For many years, a significant part of our customer base has been traffic safety advocates, especially law enforcement.

In these times, we recognize the incredible stresses law enforcement encounters daily, from the challenges brought on by the pandemic to calls for defunding. 

To help address the impact these stresses have on officer wellness, Innocorp is adding a health and wellness program specifically designed for people in security services and law enforcement.

The product is a mobile app called Tactical Functional Training developed by experts in officer fitness. It provides health and wellness instruction in the form of short video vignettes that guide officers in a daily routine of mobility fitness, nutrition, and motivational content. 

It is designed to improve officers’ fitness and wellbeing while reducing job-related injuries. Idiosyncrasies of the law enforcement profession make certain areas of an officer’s body particularly susceptible to injury. The program focuses on increasing officers’ physical mobility, especially in these vulnerable areas, as the first step toward overall fitness and conditioning.

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Michael Aguilar