3 Reasons to Add a Distracted Driving Simulator to Your Educational Program

Discover how this hands-on tool can transform your distracted driving awareness program.


Adding a distracted driving simulator to your educational program can help keep students engaged and Increase learning retention. One of the primary goals for educators in today’s world is engaging students on serious and essential topics in a meaningful and long-lasting way. Research shows that students of all ages benefit tremendously from hands-on learning demonstrations. 


Fatal Vision’s distracted driving simulators are a powerful tool that we receive a tremendous amount of positive feedback on from educators and students alike. Here are a few reasons to add a distracted driving simulator to your educational program:


  1. Encourages participation
  2. Enriches the learning experience
  3. Keeps students engaged 


Keep reading to learn more about why a Fatal Vision® distracted driving simulator will make a great addition to your educational programs!


Encourages participation

Anyone who has worked with teenagers and young adults knows they can be a challenging audience to connect with. This is often because students are lectured to or “talked down to” in so many areas of life; they’re no longer children but not quite adults. 


When paired with the Fatal Vision® Drowsy & Distracted Driving goggles, a driving simulator like the Roadster Pedal Cart or Simulated Impaired Driving Experience (SIDNE) vehicle allows students to safely gain first-hand experience with driving while distracted in a controlled environment. We often hear from educators that the simulators help bring students out of their shells and provide an opportunity to share feedback and participate more than they would in a typical lesson.


Enriches the learning experience

While videos, testimonials, and statistics can help to highlight important and serious topics in the classroom, an experiential tool like the simulators can help to enrich the overall learning process. A distracted driving simulator adds a new dimension to learning that students can truly reflect on and will likely remember for years to come. 


Keeps students engaged 

With endless competing interests for teenagers’ attention, it’s an ongoing challenge to keep lessons fresh and fun. By getting students up from their desks, out of the classroom, and taking part in a driving simulation, they will inevitably have feedback and want to discuss the experience. 


To learn more about Fatal Vision’s distracted driving simulators and how you can use them in your educational programs, please visit our online store or contact our team today.