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Michael Aguilar
President & CEO, Innocorp
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Research by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute shows that text messaging while driving increases the risk of crashing  by over 20 times as compared to driving cell phone free. It also has the longest duration of eyes-off-the-road time (4.6 seconds over a 6- second interval.) This equates to a driver traveling the length of a football field at 55 mph without looking at the roadway. Innocorp, a company that develops innovative products used by prevention and safety advocates world-wide to educate on the dangers of impaired and distracted driving, has just introduced a new product that provides a simple solution for distracted driving.

“Distracted driving, especially texting and driving, is a serious and growing problem that is responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries on our roadways every year,” said Michael Aguilar, president of Innocorp. “The Phone Condom is a simple, fun to use device that encourages people to park their phone while they drive their car.”

The Phone Condom is a PVC bag, which provides the driver a means to zip up phone distractions while driving. The Phone Condom includes an index card imprinted with a customizable message, such as, “Park your Phone, Drive your Car,” and a sobering fact on distracted driving. The Phone Condom messages come in two versions. One version is appropriate for teens, with simple messages like, “Use The Phone Condom to Prevent Unwanted Crashes.” For organizations with a mature audience who prefer an edgy, memorable tagline, Innocorp also provides taglines like, “Help Lick Distracted Driving, Use the Phone Condom.”

Deb Kusmec, Innocorp’s Chief Operating Officer, says she knows the product will work because of the almost instant response that the company has received from customers wanting to get their hands on the Phone Condom since the introduction of the new product a week ago.

“This is a simple idea that has the potential to save lives and prevent injuries,” said Kusmec. “It is going to work really well because it is a simple idea.”

Aguilar said the Phone Condom is a new product that fits well with Innocorp’s other line of innovative hands-on products.

“We’ve stretched our imaginations to provide a product that will grow with our current line of prevention and awareness tools,” said Aguilar. 

“The Phone Condom provides a constant reminder to drivers, especially at decision-time, of the consequences of distracted driving, and provides the means for drivers to take immediate action to stop distracted driving, which is exactly why it is so powerful.”