Opioid Abuse Prevention Activities to Use with Our Opioid Simulation Goggles

Give participants a hands-on experience with these activities.

These opioid abuse prevention products work with our opioid impairment goggles to give students a safe and impactful way to experience the effects these drugs can have.Interactive opioid abuse prevention activities are a valuable way to help students understand the impairment effects of opioids. 

By simulating these effects, program participants can understand how dangerous using the drugs and going about their daily lives while under the influence can be. Activities also help keep participants engaged with what they’re learning, so the lessons stick with them.

A key tool in providing a hands-on, simulated glimpse into opioid impairment is our opioid goggles and accompanying opioid abuse prevention activities.

Opioid Goggles

Opioid usage is linked to effects such as divided attention failure, nodding off, heaviness in the extremities, and sleepiness.  The Fatal Vision® Opioid Goggles model how opioid usage and abuse can impair motor coordination and reaction times. When wearing the opioid goggles, students will find it difficult to concentrate and make informed decisions.

The opioid goggles come with three different impairment modes:

  • Divided Attention Failure (Mode A): Simulates how opioids make it difficult to focus on everything happening in your environment. The goggles limit the scope of input, so participants experience reduced awareness.
  • Nodding Out (Mode B): Simulates how opioids depress the central nervous system to a level where the person begins to “nod out.” The goggles blackout halfway, then completely, then continue to blackout for extended time periods. This behavior looks like they are drowsy – simulating what it would be like as a person goes in and out of consciousness.
  • Progressive Sequence (Mode C): Combines Mode A & B into one continuous experience.

The Opioid Goggles Kit comes with a gradient film placed on the goggles, and hand weights. The gradient film is used to demonstrate impaired contrast sensitivity. The contrast between objects and their background is reduced, making it difficult for participants to distinguish an object from its background. This impact is most impairing at night or in a dark room.

Utilizing the weights on participants’ hands and wrists demonstrate how opioids cause muscle tone to become slack, making the extremities feel heavier. It takes more effort to move and respond to outside events and stimuli.

The Opioid Goggles come with the following hands-on opioid abuse prevention activities:



This opioid activity mat can be placed on the table with the pieces above the mat. Start by showing the positive side of the mat to your participants, then turn the mat over and show how the scene has changed.

The objective of this activity game is for participants to “put their life back together” by using the puzzle pieces to rebuild the positive side on top of the negative side of the mat.

Participants can try this activity first without the goggles, then with the opioid goggles set in different impairment modes. Using a timer, you can compare a participant’s score “pre-impairment” and “post-impairment” via the opioid goggles.


This opioid activity mat contains a new “school” related theme but works the same way as the Home version. Participants will be asked to put together the puzzle while using and not using the opioid goggles. By recording how long it takes to complete the challenge in each different impairment mode and without the goggles, participants gain an understanding of the simulated effects of opioid use.

When you use interactive tools to teach in the classroom, students don’t just learn about the devastating effects that opioid impairment can have — they experience them in a safe, simulated way that’s sure to leave a lasting memory.

If you’re searching for opioid abuse prevention activities to enrich your educational program, continue browsing the Fatal Vision site to learn more about the hands-on tools and activities we offer.