4 Must-Have Distracted Driving Prevention Products

Illustrate the dangers of distracted driving with these helpful program tools.

Fatal Vision’s distracted driving prevention products include impairment goggles and an interactive media presentation.Conducting a distracted and drowsy driving prevention program means teaching people the dangers of driving while distracted or tired, and making sure those lessons stick. To do your job as an educator, you’ll need the right tools.

Distracted driving prevention products can help you illustrate the dangers of distracted driving in a safe and controlled environment.

Some of the top products you should consider for your program include:

  1. Drowsy and Distracted Goggles
  2. Drowsy Driving/Texting and Driving Simulator
  3. Change Blindness
  4. DIES Mat

Learn more about these must-have distracted driving prevention products below!

Drowsy & Distracted Goggles

Drowsy & distracted driving goggles are one of the most popular and effective distracted driving prevention tools available. They use Bluetooth technology to simulate the effects of distracted or drowsy driving through three different impairment modes: Distracted Dial, Distracted Text, and Drowsy. Using the goggles in your drowsy or distracted driving prevention program helps participants visualize the risks in a safe and engaging way.

Drowsy Driving/Texting and Driving Simulator

Another powerful tool in your arsenal is the texting and driving/drowsy driving simulator. This device illustrates delayed reactions and other distracted or drowsy driving effects. Typically paired with drowsy and distracted goggles, this simulator safely reveals the dangers of texting while driving or drowsy driving and is sure to leave students with a lasting lesson.

Change Blindness

This interactive media presentation provides a learning experience that teaches students about susceptibility to change blindness — the perceptual phenomenon that happens when a driver fails to notice a change in the driving environment — and distraction. The change blindness tool uses five different scenarios to provide guidance on the S.E.E. Strategy. This easy-to-use approach reinforces safe driving and teaches participants how to reduce the risks associated with distracted driving.


The DIES Distracted Driving Activity Mat features graphics that depict a town with streets and common features like crosswalks, railroad crossings, and more. Students drive through using the DIES Steering Wheel. Once they’ve done this, they will run through it again, this time with distractions added. This hands-on experience is a safe way to show how easy it is to make errors or get in an accident when distracted or drowsy.

Using drowsy and distracted driving prevention products like Fatal Vision’s goggles, DIES mat, and Change Blindness is a great way to illustrate the dangers of distracted driving to your program participants. There are many benefits to using these program tools, including:

Increased retention

Distracted driving tools provide a hands-on experience, which is the best way for most people to learn. Simulators and tools can provide a real-life experience without putting anyone at risk. Students have a higher retention rate with these hands-on tools because they can experience the effects for themselves in an engaging way.

A safe environment

Along those same lines, distracted driving tools are the only way to create an immersive experience in a safe, controlled environment. Rely on program tools to help participants understand distracted driving without putting themselves or others at risk.

An authentic experience

Teaching someone about distracted driving without using the proper tools means they won’t get any hands-on experience. So even if your participants understand the concept, they won’t have a real-world understanding that illustrates the many concepts they need to learn, such as change blindness.

For an authentic experience that will stick with drivers, proper tools are vital. If you’re interested in more information about the Fatal Vision distracted driving prevention products mentioned in this post, contact us today!

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