How to Use Our Concussion Prevention Tools to Educate Your Audience

Enrich your educational program with these concussion education tools.

Fatal Vision’s concussion education tools help give participants a hands-on way to learn about the dangers of concussions.While concussions were once thought to be a relatively mild health concern, we now know far more than previous generations about the risks and long-term effects that can result from these dangerous head injuries.  

Without proper care and treatment, concussions can lead to lifelong health struggles, including headaches, trouble concentrating, memory loss, and mental health problems.

You’ve likely heard about current and former professional football players experiencing the devastating side effects of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) resulting from multiple concussions throughout their careers. These stories serve as cautionary tales regarding outcomes when concussions are not quickly and adequately treated.  

It’s particularly vital for young people, as well as educators, to understand the nature of concussions as they engage in sports and other activities. Nearly 2 million concussions in children are reported each year. It’s also worth noting that about 30% of concussions in children result from non-sports-related activities such as bike riding and falls from playground equipment. 

Fortunately, Fatal Vision offers a number of valuable tools to help young people understand what a concussion looks and feels like. With these tools, you can illustrate the seriousness of concussions and teach children and parents how dangerous they can be if left untreated.

Concussion goggles

Our Fatal Vision® Concussion Goggles make the wearer feel disoriented and dizzy, thereby simulating the effects of sustaining a concussion. The goggles help to demonstrate how even the simplest of tasks such as sitting down in a chair or walking in a straight line can become near impossible after a concussion.  

Concussion activities

Our variety of concussion education kits include activities to illustrate the difficulty of performing other tasks with a concussion, such as placing pegs into designated holes and picking up different objects with a claw grabber. We ask participants to complete these tasks first without the concussion goggles and then with the goggles on so they can see the stark difference in their abilities.

We also offer the opportunity for a trained expert from our team to personally work with your staff and educators so they can best incorporate the tools into your awareness and prevention programs. 

Activity-specific kits

Fatal Vision also offers a Concussion Sport Activities kit and Concussion Study Activities kit to help show participants how concussions can impact their daily lives in a variety of environments.

The Sport Activities kit demonstrates the impact a concussion can have on a person’s athletic performance, such as loss of spatial awareness and balance, poor hand-eye coordination, diminished performance on complex motor tasks, double vision and blurriness.

With the Study Activities kit, participants get a firsthand look at how concussions can cause problems in the classroom or workplace. The kit and goggles help model the symptoms of a concussion that can affect our work and study, such as diminished processing speed and focus, loss of memory, dizziness and visual problems, and impaired fine motor skills. 

As we teach our children about the dangers of alcohol and drugs, it’s equally important that they be aware of the dangers of concussions and their long-term effects on their still-developing brains.  

To learn more about Fatal Vision’s educational products and how you can use them in your school’s prevention and awareness programs, please visit our online store or contact our team today!