Behind the Scenes: How Innocorp Created the Fatal Vision Impairment Simulation Goggles

Learn how Innocorp’s Fatal Vision alcohol and other drug impairment simulation goggles went from an idea to a finished product.


We develop our alcohol impairment goggles and other drug impairment simulation goggles using feedback from our customers and experts in the field. Working to keep our communities safe from needless injuries and fatalities is Innocorp’s overarching mission and driving purpose. Our vision is to revolutionize the health, safety, and prevention industry by creating innovative and engaging simulation tools to raise awareness, build empathy, and promote desired behaviors.


Innocorp customers use these tools to enlighten and influence individuals to make informed choices. The expected outcome is for individuals to take positive action to save lives, prevent injuries, and foster the health and well-being of themselves and others, especially when driving a motor vehicle.


One of Innocorp’s most popular products is the impairment simulation goggles, which simulate the effects of being under the influence of alcohol and other drugs and the impact of driving while drowsy or distracted. The Innocorp product lineup also includes goggles that simulate the effects of a concussion. Innocorp goggles model symptoms of cognitive distortion and cause a loss of targeting skills, slowed decision-making, and a delay in reaction time specific to different intoxicants.


Here is a behind-the-scenes look at how Innocorp created the Fatal Vision goggles, from the initial idea to the final manufactured product.  


The idea

The Innocorp team often hears directly from customers and organizations asking if we offer goggles that simulate a particular drug or condition. As we hear more from our customers, the team will start to see a trend in requests and work to verify the possibility of developing a new product.


For example, this is how Innocorp developed the Fatal Vision polydrug goggles. Polydrug use — the use of marijuana and alcohol simultaneously — is a disturbing trend that is on the rise among teens and young adults. As a result, several customers reached out to see if Innocorp could develop a product that would simulate this dangerous trend for use with at-risk audiences. 


Our product development team is responsible for taking product ideas and initiating a project to develop prototypes. The team also tests and establishes the final production process should the new product concept come to fruition. 


Part of our process is embracing curiosity and tinkering with ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. As a team, Innocorp doesn’t mind failure if they learn from it, so that they can reassess and “fail forward.”


Show and tell

Once Innocorp sketches an idea, they consult and collaborate with subject matter experts for the next phase. For example, Innocorp may reach out to emergency room doctors to help define the behavioral effects of a concussion for the concussion goggles or polydrug recognition experts and law enforcement for the polydrug goggles.


Innocorp works with these individuals to answer questions about how to mimic the physical effects and behaviors of a concussion or to be intoxicated. The aim is to recreate the disorientation, headache, dizziness, and other symptoms of impairment.



All the Fatal Vision® goggles are handmade and assembled locally in Verona, Wisconsin, which helps Innocorp ensure the highest quality product.


Putting it to the test

Next, we send the prototypes to educators and safety advocates to test them in a classroom or audience setting. Getting feedback is a vital step in the process. The feedback tells developers what we might have missed and if there are any final tweaks to make before the product is complete. 


Next stop: Your outreach and educational programs

Developing and testing a new product can take anywhere from one to three years, and Innocorp is passionate about ensuring quality, reliability, and relevance at every step. The process takes time, but it’s well worth it when we are able to deliver engaging and impactful awareness and prevention tools to drug, alcohol, and safety advocates and educators worldwide.


To learn more about our Fatal Vision® alcohol and other drug impairment simulation goggles and how to incorporate them into your awareness and prevention programs, visit our online store or contact Innocorp at (800)272-5023!