Fatal Vision® Alcohol Goggles: Five Levels of Impairment



My name is Joe Wirth from Innocorp, LTD. – makers of the Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Simulation Goggles and many other health and safety outreach tools. One of the questions I frequently hear when speaking with our customers about our Alcohol Impairment Goggles is, “What level of impairment should I purchase?” The correct answer to that question often depends on who the instructor’s audience is and a program’s intended message.

We offer five different impairment levels that simulate five distinctly different Blood Alcohol Concentration Levels. Each goggle comes in either a clear or shaded lens to simulate day or night conditions.  The estimated BAC levels describe how impaired a person wearing the goggles behaves when performing Fatal Vision activities.

Our lowest impairment level is the White Label. This alcohol impairment goggle simulates an estimated BAC of .06 or less and illustrates that impairment begins with the first drink. Many customers also use this level to address a scenario where someone was drinking the night before and may still be under the influence of alcohol the next day. Feeling that they may be ok, they decide to drive to school or the workplace. Most participants will experience a slight loss of balance and fine motor skills with this goggle and realize their inability to drive even at lower levels of impairment.

The Bronze Label goggle simulates an estimated BAC of .07-.10+. This alcohol impairment goggle is ideal for showing impairment at the legal limit of .08 and below. The legal limit is something that most individuals have heard of But may not realize the loss of reaction time, judgment, and balance, as shown by wearing these goggles.

The Red Label Goggle simulates an estimated BAC of .12-.15+, which is associated with a significant loss of sensory motor-coordination, balance, and reaction time. Customers use this alcohol impairment goggle to deliver a clear message that while seriously impaired, it is nearly impossible to perform even simple tasks.

The Silver Label Goggle is our original Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Goggle and simulates an estimated BAC of .17-.20+. While providing a focused vision (no double vision effect), the impairment displayed by your participants during a sobriety test will show a substantial loss of balance and coordination, judgment, reaction time, and promotes a very high failure rate in performing activities amongst those who wear the goggle.

The highest BAC range that we offer is .25+ and is called the Black Label Goggle. Participants that wear this alcohol impairment goggle experience an extreme loss of balance and equilibrium along with double vision and limited depth perception. Many customers find this goggle ideal to demonstrate lessons about binge drinking, blackouts, drinking games, and alcohol poisoning.  

All of our alcohol impairment goggles support a variety of lessons and programming. Selecting multiple impairment levels gives you flexibility in messaging and the ability to provide many different types of activities to support your programs.

Please contact us at or our toll-free number 800-272-5023 to discuss which goggle or kit best meets your needs. 



Joseph Wirth
Sales Representative