Resources and Tools for Your Drunk Driving Prevention Program

Discover educational learning tools about alcohol impaired driving.

Discover educational learning tools to use in your drunk driving prevention program here.

Finding the right educational learning tools for a drunk driving prevention and alcohol awareness program can be challenging. You want to ensure your program is not only informative, but also interactive and engaging so that participants retain and take as much away from the program as possible. In this article, we’ll cover a few of the tools and resources that can be used to create an effective drunk driving prevention program, including:

  • Drunk driving educational DVDs
  • Drunk goggles
  • Drunk driving simulator
  • Drunk driving pedal kart
  • Turn ‘N Learn Classroom Challenge

Learn more about each of these drunk driving prevention resources and tools below.

Drunk driving educational DVDs

Sometimes, hearing directly from people who have experienced the real dangers of alcohol-impaired driving can be a powerful wakeup call. We offer two drunk driving educational DVDs that can reinforce key messages from your alcohol awareness program and shed light on real-life situations in which alcohol caused car crashes and serious road injuries.

  • Confronting Drunk Driving: This video shares the true story of Mike Poveromo, a young man who lost two best friends in a car crash because he was driving drunk as a teenager.
  • DUI: The Hard Truth: This video reveals the truth about driving under the influence of alcohol and includes a true story about a young woman whose sister was killed by an intoxicated teen driver.

Both of these DVDs are under $150 and include the video, a resource book, student handouts, and pre/post tests for participants to test their knowledge before and after watching the program.

Drunk goggles

The Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Goggles give participants the feeling that they are under the influence of alcohol. When used in a drunk driving prevention program, these tools can help participants understand how alcohol affects their ability to perform seemingly simple tasks and properly operate a motor vehicle. This hands-on learning tool is a safe way for participants to learn essential and potentially life-saving lessons about the dangers and effects of drunk driving.

When used in conjunction with a drunk driving simulator, drunk driving pedal kart (discussed below), or other drunk goggles and alcohol awareness activities, these impairment goggles can effectively demonstrate and reinforce lessons participants learn throughout your drunk driving prevention program.

Drunk driving simulator

Our electric drunk driving simulator, SIDNE® (the Simulated Impaired Driving Experience), shows participants the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. While in “alcohol impaired” driving mode, this custom-built electric cart allows drivers and passengers to safely experience what can happen when they operate a vehicle while impaired. Experiences include loss of control, erratic acceleration and braking, lane shifts into “oncoming traffic,” delayed response time, and impaired judgment. This tool will deliver a lifelike driving experience that participants will remember forever!

Drunk driving pedal kart

Drunk driving simulators or pedal karts are tools to use in a drunk driving prevention program.

We also offer a drunk driving pedal kart to use in conjunction with the Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Goggles mentioned above. The Fatal Vision Roadster Pedal Kart is an extremely flexible and relatively affordable tool for your alcohol awareness program. It’s easy to use and can be operated indoors, outdoors, and even on off-road terrain.

Interested in learning more about the Roadster and SIDNE? Discover which of these drunk driving simulators is right for you on our blog.

Turn ‘N Learn Classroom Challenge

This fun and interactive kit features a game wheel, playing cards, a pair of alcohol impaired goggles, a pair of distracted and driving goggles, and gameplay activities. Using the Turn ‘N Learn Classroom Challenge, participants will form into multiple teams and take turns spinning the wheel to select a question category. Teams work together to answer questions and perform tasks to earn points. All questions and activities are designed to help participants identify strategies for making safe decisions, as well as learn important facts related to alcohol use and impaired driving. 

These resources and tools can be used to build a drunk driving prevention program that is memorable, interactive, and educational. Head to our website to start shopping drunk driving goggles and other alcohol awareness program tools today.

If you’d like assistance in designing your drunk driving prevention and education program, contact us today for personalized help.

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