Drowsy Driving Prevention Activities for Your Educational Program

Use these drowsy driving prevention ideas to boost your program

Our drowsy driving prevention activities include goggles and driving simulators to teach students’ valuable lessons in a hands-on way.Teaching students how to drive safely comes with a load of responsibility, covering all the distractions that might come their way while on the road. So how can you create memorable drowsy driving prevention activities that will impact participants enough to think twice before getting behind the wheel while tired?

Some students may underestimate the dangers of driving while tired, but in reality, a crash can happen in just a blink of an eye when a driver is sleepy or unfocused.

Let’s take a look at some of these drowsy driving prevention activities to demonstrate how essential it is for drivers to only get behind the wheel with a clear and alert mind: 

  1. Drowsy and distracted goggles
  2. DIES® mat
  3. Drowsy driving simulator
  4. Change Blindness media program
  5. M.E.T.H.O.D. ® training series
  6. Distract-A-Match® game

Keep reading to learn more about these drowsy driving prevention ideas.

Drowsy and distracted goggles

One of the most memorable drowsy driving prevention ideas is the Fatal Vision® Drowsy and Distracted Goggles. With a switch to the drowsy setting, the goggles will simulate short periods of blackouts that would happen if the driver were to nod off to sleep. The short periods of blackout become longer and longer with time. When the goggles are used hand-in-hand with the DIES® Mat, participants can see how difficult it can be to navigate a vehicle while drowsy. 

Use this drowsy driving prevention idea with a complete program kit to instill meaningful impact. 

DIES® (Danger In Every Step) Mat

Use the DIES® Distracted Driving Activity Mat with the DIES® steering wheel to demonstrate the driving decisions made every minute while driving a car. This mat is designed to show a bird’s eye view of a typical town, including traffic lights, pedestrians, and train tracks. By pairing the mat activity with simulation goggles, you can safely show how drowsy driving can severely impact your decision process lead to fatal results, even on a routine drive. 

Drowsy Driving Simulator

With Fatal Vision’s options, you can choose from two drowsy driving simulators to enrich your drowsy driving prevention activities: 

  1. Roadster Pedal Kart: The Roadster Pedal Kart is perfect for giving participants a hands-on way to experience drowsy driving in a safe, controlled environment. Students will use the kart to navigate a course wearing the drowsy driving goggles and experience how difficult it becomes to drive and make smart decisions while tired.
  2. SIDNE®: Pair this battery-powered Simulated Impaired Driving Experience vehicle with drowsy driving goggles to provide students with a real-life, firsthand experience of what it feels like to lose control when getting behind the wheel while drowsy or distracted. 

Both of these interactive, hands-on tools help impress upon participants just how important it is to be well-rested and have a clear mind when operating a motor vehicle. 

Change Blindness

With this interactive media program, Change Blindness will allow your students to practice scanning the area for pedestrians, upcoming stops, a fellow driver changing lanes, and more. With this innovative drowsy driving prevention idea, participants will get a real taste of all of the different choices that go into safely operating a vehicle.

M.E.T.H.O.D. ®

M.E.T.H.O.D. ® stands for “Mind Eyes Two Hands On Driving” and is a peer-led program that trains students to understand the importance of alert driving without distractions. The three-part training will emphasize how students can help their peers stay focused on the road and make it a priority for themselves.

Distract-A-Match® Game

This interactive game drives home the idea of how many split-second decisions need to be made while operating a vehicle in an exciting and engaging way. Distract-A-Match® is one of the drowsy driving prevention activities that can be used repeatedly to emphasize the issue. The best part, the game is fun too!  

Engaging, hands-on drowsy driving prevention activities are essential for educators to help students remember the lessons they learn in the classroom while behind the wheel. 

Browse our store to learn more about the products and activities we’ve listed here, and keep reading our blog for more drowsy driving prevention ideas to use in your programs.

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