5 Benefits of Using Distracted Driving Simulators

Enhance your teen driving safety program with a distracted driving simulator experience.Distracted driving simulators can help teach teens the dangers of distracted driving.

In 2017, over 3,000 people in the US were fatally injured in crashes due to distracted driving, such as when using a cellphone or eating behind the wheel. To effectively teach at-risk populations about safe driving, engaging educational tools and activities can make a life-changing difference. Our distracted driving simulators are the perfect tool to accomplish this task for your teen driving safety program.

In this post, we’ll go over five main benefits that our distracted driving simulators can provide to your program:

  1. Students encounter an authentic driving experience
  2. Participants remember the experience
  3. Non-drivers learn too
  4. Adds variety to your teen driving safety course
  5. Safe way to learn a dangerous topic

Keep reading to learn more about these benefits and why distracted driving simulators are the right addition for your teen driving safety program.

Students encounter an authentic driving experience

The best way to learn something is to get hands-on experience in that situation. However, when it comes to a topic as dangerous and impactful as drunk or distracted driving, this can be a difficult line to draw. Our distracted driving simulators provide a realistic glimpse into the dangers of distractions behind the wheel, without putting anyone’s safety at risk. They are a step up from virtual reality simulators because participants can truly get the experience of driving with our models.

One of our distracted driving simulators is the Roadster Pedal Kart, which can be used together with the Fatal Vision Drowsy and Distracted Goggles for the most benefit. The Roadster is affordable and easy to use, and it can go on any terrain. It comes with instructions for easy assembly, as well as a one-year warranty.

Our other distracted driving simulator is the Simulated Impaired Driving Experience or SIDNE. SIDNE is our most advanced distracted driving simulator. It’s a custom-built electric car that mimics impairments and movements most common with distracted or drunk drivers. For example, participants will experience impaired judgment, lane shifts, and erratic acceleration and braking, showing the true effects of impaired driving. Amp up the effectiveness of your program with a life-like driving experience using these distracted driving simulators.

Participants get a memorable experience

The goal of teen driving safety programs, of course, is to show participants the dangers of distracted driving and the unavoidable consequences that can arise as a result. Ideally, the best of these programs will do so in an engaging way so that students take what they’ve learned, remember it, and then apply it in real-life situations. Incorporating our distracted driving simulators into your program curriculum can help engage students while still demonstrating the genuine dangers of distracted driving.

Non-driving participants learn tooUsing distracted driving simulators helps give participants an unforgettable learning experience

The lasting effect our distracted driving simulators have on students doesn’t apply only to those using them. Everyone participating in the program, even bystanders, will have a beneficial learning experience. Students watching their peers use the SIDNE, for example, will see their classmates speeding out of control, switching lanes involuntarily, and braking erratically. Observing peers in this way can provide the same formative experience for those behind the wheel. Regardless of who’s driving, in the passenger seat, or watching from the sidelines, our drunk driving simulators can help teach everyone in attendance valuable lessons.

Adds variety to your program

Incorporating our distracted driving simulators provides a great deal of variety to your curriculum. Both of our simulators come with guides that offer activity ideas – some that incorporate our Fatal Vision Drowsy and Distracted Goggles. You’ll also get tips, activity ideas, and course set-ups so you can vary your demonstrations and lessons to align with your goals and resources.  Our distracted driving simulators will bring a hands-on experience to your teen driving safety course while also providing lessons that will stick.

Safe way to learn a dangerous topic

When you use a distracted driving simulator, participants will have a realistic hands-on driving experience without the actual dangers of the real situation. Ensuring that the simulator you choose is equipped with certain safety features can provide added peace of mind. Our packages also include helmets, protective eyewear, and effective braking mechanisms. We also take extended safety precautions with the SIDNE, including:

  • Anti-roll low center of gravity for added stability
  • A transmitter that instructors can use to control and stop the vehicle remotely
  • Three-point retractable seat belts for both driver and passenger

SIDNE also comes with a required on-site training session where our instructors will teach your staff how to properly use SIDNE safely and effectively. Both of our simulators also come with training guides that include safety instructions and guidelines for proper use. So, you can use our distracted driving simulators with the comfort of knowing that your students will be safe when operating them. Learn more about the safety features of our distracted driving simulators.

There are many benefits to adding a distracted driving simulator to your teen driving safety program. They offer a memorable, realistic, and safe driving experience to help educate our most vulnerable populations about the dangers of driving while distracted. For help picking the right simulator for your education program, ask yourself these seven questions first.

To learn more about the simulators or other products mentioned in this post, contact us today.

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