Benefits of Using Drunk Driving Simulators for an Alcohol Awareness Program

Engage participants by incorporating this hands-on learning tool into your curriculum.

Using drunk driving simulators for an alcohol awareness program helps give participants a true hands-on driving experience.In 2016, alcohol-impaired driving crashes accounted for 28% of all traffic-related deaths in the US. Now more than ever, it’s important to educate the public about this widespread danger, especially younger generations. If you are an educator in an alcohol awareness program, drunk driving simulators can help engage participants and provide an enriching and memorable experience. In this post, we’ll cover six benefits of using drunk driving simulators for your alcohol awareness program:

  1. Hands-on learning
  2. True driving experience
  3. Memorable
  4. Safe way to learn
  5. Program flexibility
  6. Onlookers learn too

Continue reading to learn more about these benefits and why drunk driving simulators can help take your alcohol awareness program to the next level.

Hands-on learning

Sometimes, the only way to really understand the severity of a situation is to experience it for yourself. Classroom lectures and instructional videos have their place in an alcohol education program, but they can’t truly relay the experience of drunk driving.

Our drunk driving simulators give users the hands-on experience of what it would feel like to drive under the influence, without putting the participant in danger. The Roadster Pedal Kart can be used in conjunction with the Fatal Vision Goggles to give students the feel for being behind the wheel while under the influence. These pedal karts are affordable, easy to operate, and designed for a hands-on approach.

We also offer a more advanced impaired driving simulator called Simulated Impaired Driving Experience, or SIDNE. SIDNE is a custom-built electric car that mimics impairments that are most common amongst drivers under the influence of alcohol. For instance, drivers and passengers experience what it’s like to lose control, accelerate and brake erratically, shift lanes, and miss turns. Elevate your alcohol awareness program with the hands-on learning benefit of one of our drunk driving simulators.

True driving experience

Our drunk driving simulators give your alcohol awareness program participants a true driving experience that other simulators cannot provide. While virtual reality simulators can have their place, they lack the authenticity because the participant isn’t really driving. With both the Roadster Pedal Kart and SIDNE, your students will have the opportunity to be actual drivers and passengers of vehicles that mimic real-life situations. They can realistically experience the life-threatening nature of driving under the influence of alcohol.


The goal of alcohol awareness programs is to teach participants the dangers and consequences of driving under the influence. The best of these programs will instill such lessons in an engaging way that students will remember when they face a real-life situation where they can choose whether to drink and drive. Incorporating our drunk driving simulators can help demonstrate the dangers of risky choices in a memorable manner that may help them think twice about drinking and driving. 

Safe way to learn

When you use a drunk driving simulator in your alcohol awareness program, participants will have a realistic hands-on experience without the actual dangers of the real situation. Ensuring that the simulator you choose is equipped with certain safety features can provide added peace of mind. Both of our simulators come with training guides that include safety instructions and guidelines for proper use. Our packages also include helmets, protective eyewear, and effective braking mechanisms. We also take extended safety precautions with the SIDNE, including:

  • Anti-roll low center of gravity for added stability
  • A transmitter that instructors can use to control and stop the vehicle remotely
  • Three-point retractable seat belts for both driver and passenger

Learn more about the safety features to look for in a distracted driving simulator and drunk driving simulator here.

Program flexibility

An alcohol awareness program with a drunk driving simulator has many benefits. Incorporating our drunk driving simulators into your alcohol awareness program provides a great deal of flexibility for your curriculum. Both of our simulators come with guides that offer activity ideas – some that incorporate our Fatal Vision Goggles. You’ll also get tips and course set-ups so you can vary your demonstrations and lessons in accord with your goals and resources.

Onlookers learn too

Our drunk driving simulators can have the same lasting effect on bystanders as it does for drivers and participants. For instance, onlookers watching SIDNE in use will see fellow classmates out of control, missing turns, accelerating, and swerving. These observations can provide a similar formative experience that comes from sitting behind the wheel. Whether participants are driving a simulator or watching on the sidelines, our drunk driving simulators are sure to offer an eye-opening experience for everyone involved.

There are many ways drunk driving simulators can benefit your alcohol awareness program. They provide a memorable, realistic, and safe hands-on learning experience to help educate our most vulnerable populations about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. For help choosing the right drunk driving simulator for your program, refer to our guide. To learn more about the simulators mentioned in this post and other educational learning products, browse alcohol education program tools or contact us today.

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