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Fatal Vision® Alcohol Campaign Kit

Ten (10) Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Goggles demonstrate impairment at five (5) distinct BAC levels and with clear and shaded lenses to simulate day/night conditions. Six (6) included activities will provide you with a variety of resources to help you address many different alcohol-related lessons 

Item Number: FV CAMPAIGN


Product Training

Innocorp’s certified trainers work with your instructors, outreach staff, and prevention specialists teaching them how to use Innocorp products and incorporate them into your awareness and prevention programs.


Fatal Vision® Alcohol – Campaign Kit

Modeled Impairments
Impaired balance, vision, reaction time, and judgment   

Driving a vehicle, making split-second decisions, and reacting to hazardous situations become much more difficult under the influence of alcohol. The Fatal Vision Goggles give participants a safe way to learn the vital lesson that alcohol dramatically impairs a person’s balance, vision, reaction time, and judgment.   

How It Works
The Fatal Vision Alcohol Goggles deliver memorable experiences on impaired driving, underage drinking, and other substance abuse issues. Participants perform simple activities or sobriety tests without and then with the goggles. Performing the activities twice lets participants experience their performance while unimpaired and then impaired. The goggles cause a person to display behaviors typical of individuals under the influence of alcohol at various blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels.   

Fatal Vision is available in five (5) levels that simulate the impairments associated with a particular BAC—from less than .06 to .25+ BAC. Alcohol goggles come with either a clear lens to simulate daylight conditions or a shaded lens to simulate night conditions. 


  • Designed to help you demonstrate the dangers of impaired driving and underage drinking.
  • Five (5) distinct simulated impairment levels are available to support specific lessons and activities. 
  • The program support materials provide step-by-step instructions on how to deliver your evidence-based program. 
  • Goggles developed while working with law enforcement professionals. 


Kit Details

This Campaign Kit includes:
  • 5 Fatal Vision® alcohol goggles with clear lenses (white, bronze, red, silver, and black label) with a cloth protective bag
  • 5 Fatal Vision® alcohol goggles with shaded lenses (white, bronze, red, silver, and black label) with a cloth protective bag
  • 1 Box (50/pack) of germicidal disposable wipes
  • 1 Roll of “Walk the Line” tape
  • 1 TVL® lens combo pack with program binder (36 total overlays – 12 bronze, 12 red, and 12 silver)
  • 1 Smash Match® impairment challenge activity
  • 1 DIES® winding sidewalk mat activity with carrying strap
  • 1 DIES® roadside sobriety and stairs challenge mat activity with carrying strap
  • 1 DIES® balcony danger mat activity with carrying strap
  • 1 Backpack

Product Training

Upgrade with Customized Product Training

Innocorp’s seasoned trainers collaborate with your team to unlock the full potential of Innocorp products within your awareness and prevention initiatives.

Training Objectives

  • Master engaging demonstration techniques to captivate your audience with Innocorp products.
  • Seamlessly integrate Innocorp products into your existing program to make the most impact.
  • Elevate program delivery skills of your instructors through dynamic role-playing and activity demonstrations.
  • Instill team confidence and expertise through interactive dialogue and immersive learning experiences.


Training Fee Includes

  • A comprehensive 4-6 hour training session catering to up to 10 participants.
  • Personalized guidance from an Innocorp Trainer.
  • Complete coverage of all travel expenses within the continental USA for onsite sessions. (Please contact us for a price quote for AK, HI, and international sessions.)


Innocorp is pleased to offer live web-based training options as well. Contact our Training Team at 800-272-5023 or to discuss your needs further.