Fatal Vision Polydrug [Alcohol & THC] Goggle – Instructor Materials

Thank you for purchasing the Polydrug [Alcohol & THC] Goggle Kit.  

Please review the contents of your kit and practice with your goggles before your first presentation.  


> Step 1 

  • Read the User Guide HERE or included with your kit
  • Review the contents of your kit to familiarize yourself with kit components 


> Step 2 – Statement of Impairment 

  • Review the THC Statement in your User Guide HERE or included with your kit
  • The Fatal Vision® Polydrug [Alcohol & THC] Goggle uses a unique lens technology to filter and distort visual information.  While this type of impairment is not the same as an actual THC high combined with alcohol, the activities in your kit employ the technology to model the amplified impairments from mixing alcohol and THC. Please know that alcohol and THC do not cause an individual to lose their ability to see color. This is a feature of the Alcohol/THC Google used to model the impairments of the actual drugs. 


> Step 3 Activity – Maze Driving Mat 

For example, with an IOS device,  

    1. Connect your device to your projector using Screen Mirroring 
    2. Open the jpg file 
    3. Select Edit 
    4. Select […] in the upper right-hand corner 
    5. Select Markup  
    6. Select a pen and color. 
  •  Practice 


> Step 4 Activity – Tic Tac – Table Top and Floor


Note: There is a QR code inside your goggles; it will lead you back to this page. 

Please call 800.272.5023 if you have any questions about your kit or the activities included in your kit! We want to make your experience using our products as easy and productive as possible!