If you’re looking for the preeminent impaired driving simulator, SIDNE® (Simulated Impaired Driving Experience) is just the ticket. SIDNE® is a custom-built electric cart that allows drivers and passengers to experience what can happen when they operate a vehicle under the influence alcohol or marijuana as well as the ramifications of driving while drowsy or distracted.

When driving SIDNE®, electronics in the vehicle allow participants to experience loss of control, impaired judgment, erratic acceleration and braking, delayed response, missed turns, and lane shifts into “oncoming traffic.” This drunk driving simulator vehicle mimics impairments that are common with motorists under the influence of alcohol.

SIDNE® also has specially designed add-on courses that provide the ability to simulate driving while under the influence of marijuana or being drowsy or distracted.

The Marijuana-impaired Driving Course (MARijuana Driving Experience – MARDE®), along with the Fatal Vision® Marijuana Goggles, let drivers experience how impaired perception and response, useful field of view, and diminished reaction time can be detrimental to a person’s driving ability. Drivers are asked to proceed through a course marked by cones with LED lights which indicate whether they should be turning, swerving, or stopping. When impaired by the Fatal Vision® Marijuana Goggles, drivers will have difficulty making quick, accurate, and “safe” driving decisions.

The new Drowsy and Distracted Driving Course uses the technology of the Fatal Vision® Drowsy and Distracted Goggles along with the SIDNE® texting and driving simulator to allow participants to experience simulated impairment from drowsiness or distraction behind the wheel. When using the Fatal Vision® Drowsy & Distracted Goggles, drivers will lose the ability to focus on the road, react appropriately to driving challenges, and navigate the course without incident.

You can run SIDNE® indoors or outdoors and adjust the pedals and steering wheel to accommodate the height of the participant. SIDNE® can run at 4 or 8 miles per hour, and the instructor can control the vehicle’s speed and modes with the flip of a remote switch from up to 75 feet. SIDNE® also includes a remote braking feature to stop a moving vehicle immediately.

Each SIDNE® comes standard with Innocorp’s onsite training session to teach your staff the safe and appropriate use of the vehicle.


SIDNE® 7.0 Features


  • Use SIDNE® to address the dangers of distracted and impaired driving.
  • SIDNE® can run in both outdoor and indoor settings.
  • Pedals and steering wheel are easily adjustable to accommodate all participants.


  • You can set SIDNE’s speed and drive mode with the flip of a remote switch.
  • Set the speed mode to low or high to limit SIDNE’s speed to 4 or 8 mph.
  • Drive mode can be set to either Normal or Impaired to affect vehicle response.


  • SIDNE® has a low center of gravity for added stability.
  • The instructor controls the cart by using an infrared transmitter that functions from up to 75 feet.
  • SIDNE® includes 3-point retractable seat belts for both driver and passenger.
  • The remote braking feature allows the instructor to stop a moving SIDNE® immediately.


  • SIDNE® has more than a decade of proven ability in the field, demonstrating the dangers of distracted and impaired driving.
  • Each SIDNE® comes standard with our onsite training session to help ensure the safe and appropriate use of SIDNE.
  • SIDNE® packages include a comprehensive user guide and course materials


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